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    Reflection on my experience as a QES Scholar

    I am writing this post after receiving congratulations on the final confirmation of the completion of my Masters of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management. So, now that I have indeed finished and the document has been sent to the printers, I can breathe, sit back, and reflect on the experience. I...

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  • Lainy Nowak Studies Resilience in Christchurch, New Zealand

    The Road to Recovery

    Christchurch is a coastal city situated on a major fault line, at risk of tsunami and susceptible to sea level rise caused by climate change. These characteristics could describe countless cities around the world, including many on Vancouver Island. Coastal cities are growing quickly, and the...

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  • Keith Penner Blog Photo - with Camela Anderson

    Spectacular Spanish Spirit

    My name is Keith Penner, also known as 'El Capitan' by my Spanish friends, 'Gino' by my Italians, and 'Crazy' by my Germans. I just completed my exchange semester in Huelva, Spain.  Having the opportunity to do an exchange through VIU’s Education Abroad program was entirely life changing. There is...

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    The Power of Perspective

    Becoming a global citizen requires patience, tolerance and experience which all depend on the power of embracing different perspectives. Being able to accept and learn from different beliefs and practices allows us to adapt and work together towards global goals such as gender equality.Studying...

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  • Student nursing practicum placement in Mexico

    Learning & Growth in a Community Development Practicum Abroad

    I had the opportunity to travel abroad during my VIU Nursing Degree and had an amazing experience working as a practicum student with Apoyo A Gente Emprendedora, a non-governmental organization in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I experienced huge learning every single day, as we navigated our...

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    Copy and Paste: As Simple as Sewing a Straight Stitch

    Copy and Paste: As Simple as Sewing a Straight Stitch Using a computer is a fairly simple task. Turn computer on. Create Word document. Hold shift down to make a capital letter. Press the spacebar after each word. To delete a word, backspace. To delete a paragraph, highlight, then backspace. To...

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    All Dreams Are Possible

    All Dreams Are Possible My name is Avryl Brophy and I grew up on Vancouver Island (Gabriola) and consider myself to be an Island girl. I have always loved the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. I am passionate about community, public outreach and travel, however until recently, travelling...

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  • Ground elevation at 1-meter spatial resolution of the Philip Goldson International Airport area, in Ladyville, Belize

    LiDAR: A Technology for Building Climate Resiliency in Belize

    LiDAR: A Technology for Building Climate Resiliency in Belize As I am almost at the end of my 2 year program here at VIU, I could not help but reflect on the vast knowledge and experience I have gained as a VIU Queen Elizabeth Scholar.   This blog is a short narrative of my current master’s...

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    On to a new chapter

    The QE scholarship and the journey it took me on was more than a journey.  It was a life-altering experience.I graduated on June 4th with a Masters in Community Planning from the Vancouver Island University. I was born to a future of little possibility and no money, yet here I am a professional...

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    Nasara Good Morning!

    Good morning Nasara! As I sit on the edge of the dam in Wechiau taking in the cool breeze as the sun sets, I hear children shouting at me in their high-pitched voices from across the dam, “Nasara good morning!” There are around 10 children, and over the entire course of the sun set, they shout my...

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