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Your learning is about to take flight!

Through the pre-departure resources, in-person workshops, online courses and checklist work, students are supported in their dreams of studying abroad. 

Pre-Departure Steps for Accepted Students

1. Research Pre-Departure Resources

Visit the Pre-Departure section of our website for important information, helpful tips and resources. Start with understanding your responsibilities and the policies that apply to students who participate in VIU International Mobility activities.

2. Attend Your Mandatory Pre-Departure Workshops

Logistics session: Review of your role and responsibilities, pre-departure checklist, mandatory medical insurance, safety, health & wellness, funding opportunities, emergency procedures and any questions you may have.

Intercultural session: Explore the foundations of Intercultural Competence and prepare for your experience abroad.

Attendance is mandatory. Please contact us if you have extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from attending.

3. Complete Your VIU Pre-Departure Checklist

Prior to departure, all students participating in a VIU international activity must complete the following tasks. Please begin immediately and submit items as you go, by email to All checklist items must be received 1 month prior to your planned departure.

Travel is not approved until the checklist is complete. Items are due a minimum of one month in advance of the planned departure.  

Pre-Departure Checklist


Review the VIU International Mobility Waiver for Field School Participants and related conduct policies. 

Submit a signed copy at the time of your deposit deadline by emailing to 


Ensure your passport is valid for 6 months passed your planned return to Canada. This is a VIU requirement, a common airline requirement as well as a standard for entry and exit to many countries. Apply for or update your passport as soon as possible, if needed.


Research, apply for and secure the appropriate visas / study permits for your destination country(ies) and activities abroad. Do this as soon as possible! This is the student’s responsibility and VIU does not collect these documents. Not all countries or circumstances will require visa applications, and because the circumstances vary by person, we cannot advise but will do our best to help answer your questions. In the event that you need a letter to support your application, contact us.

International Students are responsible for ensuring their study permits are in good standing and will not expire until three months after their planned return.

File for your personal records. Do not submit to VIU.

Travel Registry

Complete the Travel Registry online form on a laptop or PC (not a cellphone!). Be sure to have emergency contact information and passport information handy.

Submit the form online - it will go to a blank page without any confirmation. Don't worry, we've received it!

Personal Safety Plan

Download and save a copy of the Personal Safety Plan specific to the type of mobility program you are participating in.

Complete with reference to the Government of Canada's Travel Advice and Advisories.

Review the wellness resources.

Submit your completed fillable form as part of the International Mobility Pre-Departure Orientation course on VIU Learn.

Flight Itinerary

For Field Schools: Book your flight(s) in consultation with your Field School leader. Consider ground transportation, including how you will get to and from the airport(s) if this is not part of your field school itinerary.

This is not a requirement if flights are included in your field school fees.

All Education Abroad participants must submit a copy of your flight itinerary(ies) by email to

Registration of Canadians Abroad

Register your trip abroad with the Government of Canada (or equivalent)

Submit a copy of your confirmation email to

Emergency Travel Medical Insurance

All participants are required to purchase and enroll in the VIU Guard.Me Emergency Travel Medical Insurance plan (Global A or Global B) prior to departure, for the duration of the program abroad and travel dates.

View the VIU Emergency Travel Medical Insurance Policy

Ensure you have adequate trip cancellation and interruption insurance. This can be purchased through by selecting “Global Plan A” from the list of options.

Insurance should purchased within two weeks of booking flights.

Submit by forwarding your welcome email from to Be sure to print your wallet-sized travel card to bring with you on your trip.

VIU Learn Pre-Departure Orientation Course

Review and complete the content in the Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation course on VIU Learn.

Submit your Certificate of Completion to


We support student mobility by connecting students with scholarships, awards and stipends. Explore scholarship and funding opportunities. The Global Citizens Network and Stipend Program is one source of funding to help with your travel expenses.

Apply early and in time with the deadlines!

Support and Accessibility

If you are registered with VIU Disability Access Services or feel you may require accommodations to ensure your international travel and/or academic endeavours related to this program are as successful as possible, connect early:

Contact a VIU Access Specialist to discuss your plans and learn about accommodation supports. Email or call 250.740.6446.

Contact VIU International Mobility if you have any questions or concerns about medical conditions, dietary issues or accessibility questions with regards to your Education Abroad program. We’re here to ensure everyone has a great and supportive experience. Email or book an appointment.

Contact us for more information

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