Your learning is about to take flight!

Through the pre-departure resources, in-person workshops, online courses and checklist work, students are supported in their dreams of studying abroad. 

Pre-Departure Steps for Accepted Students:

  1. Research Pre-Departure Resources
    Visit the Pre-Departure section of our website for important information, helpful tips and resources.  Start with understanding your responsibilities and the policies that apply to VIU Education Abroad.
  1. Attend Your Mandatory Pre-Departure Workshops
    Logistics session: Review of your role & responsibilities, pre-departure checklist, mandatory medical insurance, safety, health & wellness, funding opportunities, emergency procedures and any questions you may have.
    Intercultural session: Explore the foundations of Intercultural Competence and prepare for your experience abroad.

    Attendance is mandatory.  Please contact us if you have extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from attending.
  1. Complete Your VIU Travel Registry Pre-Departure Checklist
    Prior to departure, all students participating in a VIU international activity must complete the following tasks.  Please begin immediately and submit items as you go.  All checklist items must be received 1 month prior to your planned departure.

    Travel is not approved until the checklist is complete.  Items are due a minimum of one month in advance of the planned departure.  

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