Global Citizens Network and Stipend Program

Intercultural Engagement

Supporting Your Education Abroad Experience

What is something that you've always been curious about related to culture? This is your opportunity to explore it!

Though opportunities for intercultural learning abroad are on hold, we invite you to get creative and earn Global Citizens Network Stipend hours while discovering the world from home!

Whether you're curious why certain traditions or cultural practices exist, want to learn more about food and language, or just want to learn more about a certain region, this is your chance.

The Global Citizens Network and Stipend Program is your opportunity to define and tailor this activity to your interests. 

The stipend provides generous funding for your time, and the program supports your ongoing global engagement.

What can you expect by becoming a member of the Global Citizens Network?

  • Increase your intercultural competency through research and reflection
  • Engage in the global campus community
  • Expand your perspective
  • Grow your network and experience with internationally-focused activities 
  • Reflect on your learning and plan your next steps
  • Earn $500 for 15 hours of your time, towards your VIU Education Abroad experience!

How to Join: Email us!

Join the Global Citizens Network and Stipend Program by emailing your full name, student ID and Education Abroad program to with the subject "Please add me to the Global Citizens Network and Program".  * Ensure you have met the eligibility requirements before requesting to join.


You will have up to 1 semester after you return from your Education Abroad program to complete your hours and submit your completed Activity Log Form.  Use the Activity Log Form as a Guide, through these steps:

1. Explore

Complete the exercises on Global Citizens Network - Explore, and create a plan for how you will engage, which you can add to your activity log and count an hour of time for.

2. Activities

Participate in events from the opportunity directory or propose your own. 

3. Reflect and Submit

Complete a final reflection about your experiences.

Submit the completed package by email to Once approved, you will receive a stipend cheque of $500 as recognition for your time, engagement in the Global Citizens Network and your intercultural learning!

This program is one of the ways that VIU Education Abroad supports intercultural learning!

In order to participate in the Global Citizens Network and Stipend Program and receive the award towards your education abroad experience, please ensure that you:

  1. Are enrolled at Vancouver Island University in a minimum 60 percent course load (9 semester credits).
  2. Have participated (or intended but were not able to due to a program cancellation) in an Education Abroad program (Exchange, Field School, Practicum, Internship).
  3. Are in “good standing” at VIU.
    1. If you are on probation, have a GPA lower than the minimum required over the previous Fall and Spring semesters, or have a “registration services withheld” flag on your student record, you will not be eligible for the stipend;
  4. Complete the hours and submit the required Activity Log Form along with any supporting materials within the semester after your return or before you graduate - whichever comes first.

Those who have outstanding fees, holds or fines owing to VIU will not be eligible for the stipend until their account is in good standing.

The topic(s) you choose should be:

  • Related to human culture
  • Of interest to you
  • Explored with an open and curious mind
  • An opportunity to connect beyond borders


You can use a variety of mediums to share what you've learned from the cultural activities. Some suggestions are:

  • Blog Post
  • Social Media Post
  • Video
  • Photo Series
  • Reflection
  • Any Other Medium!

Some of the opportunities will involve active listening or learning. In those cases, you can simply record your reflections and findings on your Activity Log.
Consider letting us share your experiences with the Education Abroad community!

Members of the Global Citizens Network may select from these pre-approved internationally focused events and activities, in order to complete their Activity Log hours.

Ideas for activities to get you started

Plan a Field School

Plan a 4 day itinerary in a location with a specific theme in mind. Include details such as tours, site-seeing, where you would stay and eat and what you would be seeking to learn (4 hours)

Cook a Traditional Meal

Find a recipe for a traditional meal and attempt to cook it yourself. Share with us what the process was like and what was the end result (2 hours) or go to the Cultural Connections on Facebook, attend a Culture Couch event and tell us what you learned (1 hour)
Better yet, show off your skills by hosting a Culture Couch of your own! Contact for more details or to sign up (3 hours)

Research an Interesting Site

Find a site or a natural wonder from across the globe that you didn't know much about and learn all about it. Do some research. Use resources like Atlas Obscura or UNESCO World Heritage to search unique and interesting spots by region (3 hours)

Explore a Virtual Museum or International Art Collection

Use Google Arts and Culture and take a virtual tour of famous museums like The British Museum or the Guggenheim or view famous art collections from The Met and MoMA (2 hours)

Virtually Visit a VIU Exchange Partner School

Use Google Earth to explore the area around any of our VIU Exchange Partner Schools across the globe! Use street view to find funky neighbourhoods, beautiful parks and other places of interest. Can you discover a little about the culture there? (2 hours)

Learn a Language

Download DuoLingo and start learning a new language! Send us a screenshot of your profile and learning tree and gain 1 hour for reaching Level 4 in any category (max 4 hours)

Propose Your Own

If there is a topic you'd love to explore that relates to the theme of Global Citizen, feel free to propose it! Google Arts and Culture is a great resource for a variety of topics ranging from foreign fashion, wedding traditions, sports history, the opportunities are endless! Contact to pitch us your idea.



When and Where

1 hour for attending per event (max 3)

3 hours for hosting

Culture Couch Series

Culture Couch is a weekly event hosted by VIU Intercultural Program Coordinator Simon Schachner on Tuesdays starting at 5 pm. Each week features a different student or recent alumnus. Follow VIU Cultural Connections on Facebook.

To volunteer, Contact 

More information: See the VIU Cultural Couch Series and the Cultural Connections on Facebook.

Maximum 3 hours total

Join a Committee or Student Club!

  • Anytime!

Maximum 3 hours total

Host an Education Abroad Booth

Engage prospective Education Abroad participants around campus at a pop-up booth.

For increased traffic, consider hosting a booth during either of these two annual campus events:

  • Anytime!

1.5 hours per post 

(suggest 2 posts for 3 hours total)

Education Abroad Blogger

By participating as a guest blogger, you can earn ($$) by simply sharing your stories and experiences relating to culture and global learning.

Contact: for information and to apply

See your post featured on the Education Abroad blog and shared on social media!  A great addition to your portfolio.

  • Anytime!  

1 hour per post

Social Media Contributor 

Create a post that we can share on our Instagram or Facebook page and help to engage to VIU community!

Contact: for information and to apply

  • Anytime!

Maximum 3 hours total

Volunteer with a local organization dedicated to promoting multicultural perspectives

  • Anytime!

Propose Your Own

Propose Your Own

The above activities are pre-approved. If you know of an online event, webinar or learning opportunity activity is international in focus and related to the VIU community, email us the details and we will make an assessment and confirm if it can be counted towards your Activity Log.


More to come! Keep checking back

Download the Activity Log Form to Keep Track of Your Experiences

Once your finished, submit you completed Activity Log Form along with all of your corresponding materials to for consideration.

Tips for completing a fillable PDF form

  • If needed, download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Save the document to your computer before you edit it or you will lose your work
  • Complete the form. Save changes

Contact us for more information.

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