Global Citizens Network & Stipend Program

Global Citizens Network & Stipend Program

We know that it can be challenging for students to balance dreams of traveling with academic goals, part-time work, campus engagement, volunteering and social life. 

The Global Citizens Network & Stipend Program is your passport to do it all!

It is generous funding for your time (over $30 an hour) as well as a model to support engagement in the global campus community and intercultural skill development, before, during and after your Education Abroad experience.

What can you expect by becoming a member of the Global Citizens Network?

Increase your intercultural competence through research and reflection
Engage in the global campus community
Expand your perspective by engaging in the global campus community of students, scholars and visitors
Grow your network & experience by volunteering with internationally-focused events and programs
Reflect on your learning and plan your next steps
Earn $500 for 15 hours of your time, towards your VIU Education Abroad experience!


How to Join:  Email us!

Join the Global Citizens Network & Stipend Program by emailing your full name, student ID and Education Abroad program to with the subject "Please add me to the Global Citizens Network & Program".   *Ensure you have met the eligibility requirements before requesting to join.


You will have up to 1 semester after you return from your Education Abroad program to complete your hours and submit your completed Activity Log Form.  Use the Activity Log Form as a Guide, through these steps:

1. Explore
Complete the exercises on the Explore web page, and create a plan for how you will engage, which you can add to your activity log and count an hour of time for.

2. Engage
Participate in events from the opportunity directory or propose your own. 

3. Take Action!
Take initiative and go beyond a passive audience member to volunteer or take a leadership role. Select from the listed programs from the opportunity directory or propose your own.

4. Reflect & Submit
Complete a final reflection about your experiences.

Submit the completed package by email to  Once approved, you will receive a stipend cheque of $500 as recognition for your time, engagement in the Global Citizens Network and your intercultural learning in preparation for your Education Abroad experience!

This program is one of the ways that VIU Education Abroad supports student mobility!


In order to participate in the Global Citizens Network & Stipend Program and receive the award towards your education abroad experience, please ensure that you:

  1. Are enrolled at Vancouver Island University in the semester immediately preceding the Education Abroad program in a minimum 60 percent course load (9 semester credits).
  2. Have the Education Abroad program (Exchange, Field School, Practicum, Internship) as part of your program of studies at Vancouver Island University and must be taken for credit (those in trades programs such as Baking and Culinary are exempt from this).
  3. Are in “good standing” at VIU.
    1. If you are on probation, have a GPA lower than the minimum required over the previous Fall and Spring semesters, or have a “registration services withheld” flag on your student record, you will not be eligible for the stipend;
  4. Apply and commence the experience BEFORE the Education Abroad program
  5. Complete the hours and submit the required Activity Log Form up to 1 semester after your return from your Education Abroad program OR before you graduate - whichever comes first.

Those who engage in multiple Education Abroad programs may be eligible to participate in the Global Citizens Network & Stipend Program more than once, with advance approval from the Education Abroad team.  Please contact us to discuss.

IMPORTANT: If you do not successfully complete the Education Abroad program or the associated academic course(s), you will be required to return the stipend to International Education.  

Those who have outstanding fees, holds or fines owing to VIU will not be eligible for the stipend until their account is in good standing.

Expectations & Volunteer Etiquette

Stipend Student Responsibilities for Volunteering:
  • Arrange the placement.
  • Be clear about your availability.
  • Practice being flexible. You may be assigned specific tasks either before you attend or once you get to your placement.
  • Ask the sponsor at your placement if you have any questions about the tasks assigned.
  • Remain on task and be present in the activity you are volunteering for.
  • Be respectful of the sponsors and students that you interact with.
  • Remember that you are representing your program and VIU.

Common Courtesies
  • Be on time. Contact your placement if you are going to be late.
  • Show up. If you have let someone know you are coming, then you must attend.
  • Communicate Professionally. If you cannot make a scheduled time due to a situation beyond your control, contact your placement the day before, if possible. Multiple emergencies require a written explanation.
  • Come prepared. Dress appropriately and turn off all communication devices. Come with a clear mind and be ready to help.

 Use this opportunity to practice your professionalism and accountability.
You will use these important skills in your study abroad experience.

Pre-Approved Event & Volunteer Opportunities

Members of the Global Citizens Networked may select from these pre-approved internationally focused events and programs on campus, in order to complete their Activity Log hours.

Or Propose Your Own: If you are already involved in an initiative with an international focus on campus or have heard of an event you think is a good fit, please contact us so we may assess it for use towards your hours. See restrictions at the bottom of this page.



When & Where

1- 2 hours per event

(max 4 hours for stipend)

Cultural Couch Series

This student-led weekly event is an opportunity to connect socially with international students, and celebrate the uniqueness of our VIU community through the flavour of food and sound of music. 

Attend this weekly program and explore a different culture every week, or volunteer to be Global Ambassador and showcase an aspect of your culture or one you have experienced through your Education Abroad program. 

This program runs weekly in the Fall & Spring semesters.  No advance registration is required to attend. 

To volunteer, Contact with interest in becoming a Global Ambassador.  Global Ambassadors can earn 3-5 hours towards their stipend log by presenting a Cultural Couch session.

More information: See the Cultural Couch Series website & the Cultural Connections Facebook page.

  • Fall and Spring semesters
  • Every Tuesday evening from 5pm – 6ish
  • B255, 1st Floor Learning Commons

1.5 Hours per post 

(suggest 2 posts for 3 hours total)

Education Abroad Blogger

After participating in your program you will have an abundance of stories to share, so why not share those stories with other VIU students. By participating as a guest blogger, you can earn ($$) by simply sharing your stories from abroad, accompanied by some photos to highlight your experiences.

Contact: for information and to apply

See your post featured on the Education Abroad blog and shared on social media!  A great addition to your portfolio.

  • Anytime!  

    Most students complete these hours during or after their abroad experience


Education Abroad Promotion and Outreach

Education Abroad will be promoting the exciting opportunities at different times during the year available to VIU students who have studied overseas!

Contact: or call (250) 753-3245 x 2494

  • Varies

1- 2 hours per event 

(max 4 hours for stipend)

WorldBridger Film Series

A wide selection of award winning, international & independent films and documentaries containing a significant cultural component. Following each screening we engage the audience in a discussion related to the theme of each film. The discussions are facilitated by Worldbridger Hosts and/or various campus or community groups, committees and clubs who have been invited or offered to Co-Host the screening . A list of films can be found at: Worldbridger.

We believe in learning from a diversity of experiences, therefore student's can put a maximum of THREE Worldbridger films / 4 hours towards their stipend hours.


  • Fall and Spring semesters
  • Every Thursday 7:00-9:00pm
  • B356 R109

1- 2 hours per event 

(max 4 hours for stipend)

Lunch and Learn Events

The 'Bring Lunch and Learn' series is a great opportunity for presenters and attendees to share, learn, and discuss a variety of topics.

For more information, visit the Lunch and Learn website or to inquire about presenting, contact

  • Fall and spring semesters
  • Most Tuesdays 12:00-1:00pm
  • B305 R440
1- 2 hours per event 

(max 4 hours for stipend)

World Cafe 

Earn Engage hours by attending one of the World Cafe events on campus and listening to presenters speak on various topics related to the theme of global citizens. 

Check the Campus Events page for upcoming dates.

  • Varies


VIU Student Union Clubs

You can get volunteer hours by taking an active part in a internationally focused club on the VIU campus. 

Become an executive member of a specific club or take responsibility for organizing events. The club you get involved with must have a cultural component (i.e. Afro-Caribbean Club; Chinese Students and Scholars Association; Saudi Student Association; Spanish Club; VIU WUSC etc.) and cannot be related to your own culture.

More Information: See the VIUSU Club webpage for a list of the clubs and their contact information.

  • Ongoing

2-4 positions per semester

English Language Centre – Learning Centre

Located in Building 255, Room 
175, the ELC Learning Centre offers supplementary language support to ESL learners before or after their regular ESL classes. 

This volunteer position may involve conducting conversation groups, offering one-to-one speaking practice, or performing light clerical duties. A minimum commitment of 10 hours per semester is required, as well as proficiency in English. Interested applicants are encouraged to send expressions of interest (max. 1 page), which should include:

  • Experience (employment, education, travel etc.)
  • Potential contribution to the learning/cultural Experience of ELC students
  • Availability and duration of commitment
  • Expectations for this work experience

Contact: ext. 2965

  • Fall, Spring & Intersession semesters 
  • M to TH
  • Contact early in the semester


WorldVIU Days

Culture influences the way we make sense of the world - our world view.  At Vancouver Island University, WorldVIU Days is a week-long annual event, and one of the mechanisms we use to explore this concept.   The purpose of the week is to raise awareness and build appreciation for the cultural diversity that we have on our campuses.  It is also an opportunity to celebrate culture and to recognize the richness that diverse perspectives bring to our campus and community.

World VIU Days

  • Fall 
    November 4 - 8, 2019


Global Citizens Week

IDW is held annually in February and provides an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate the difference they are making around the world.  Planned activities help increase awareness of issues related to international development - poverty, human rights, war zones, globalization and the impacts these events have on marginalized people such as children, indigenous communities and women.  It also provides an opportunity for people to find out how they can become global citizens who are actively involved.

Global Citizens Week

  • Spring 
    February 3 - 7, 2020

Propose Your Own

Propose Your Own

The above activities are pre-approved.  If you know of an activity that you feel is international in focus and related to the VIU community, email us the details and we will make an assessment and confirm if it can be counted towards your Activity Log.

Activities that are not eligible include:

  1. Volunteer & event experiences that are part of a specific program's preparations for going abroad are not eligible (pre-departure meetings with the Faculty).
  2. Activities used for fundraising are not eligible.
  3. Volunteer hours completed before your stipend application is received are not eligible.
  4. Students are encouraged to engage with a variety of events and volunteer opportunities (ie. attending 10 hours of film screenings is not sufficient).



Activity Log Form

You may use more than one page for each section, should you for example have more than five events that you engage at or volunteer at.

Tips for completing a fillable PDF form:

  • If needed, download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: click here.
  • Save the document to your computer BEFORE you edit it or you will lose your work.
  • Complete the form.  Save changes.


Education Abroad Office
Faculty of International Education
Building 255 
250-753-3245 x2494
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