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VIU has a strong tradition of faculty-led overseas programs that foster innovative, collaborative and experiential learning for VIU students, staff and overseas partners. These diverse programs offer opportunities to enrich students' classroom education and encourage intercultural engagement, personal reflection and growth, and global citizenship, in line with VIU's Academic Plan and Graduate Attributes. Education Abroad provides direct support to VIU faculty and staff interested in developing new group programs overseas and those already leading established programs.

Faculty-led Group Programs

Field schools - Field schools are typically organized by one or two VIU faculty members from a particular program, or sometimes collaboratively between multiple program areas. Programs may vary in length from 7 days to 6 weeks and are often designed to allow for planned learning activities to take place before and after the overseas portion of the field school. Field school programs often involve academic credit (taught by VIU faculty), or may be directly related to existing program requirements, as is the case with trades programs.

International internships and practica - Some VIU programs offer the opportunity for students to complete a group internship or group practicum experience outside of Canada, under the direct supervision of a VIU faculty member or instructor. These programs are stuctured slightly differently than field schools based on the direct faculty supervision and applied learning objectives that are common in internships and practicum experiences.

Resources for Leaders

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How to get started

Contact Jennifer Sills, Manager, Education Abroad.



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