Internships and Practicum Placements Abroad


Gain professional experience in an international context! 

Vancouver Island University (VIU) supports experiential learning opportunities through international internships & practicum placements. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in their field and may earn credit towards their degree.

Opportunities by Theme

Queen Elizabeth Scholars

Queen Elizabeth Scholars Program

Please note: this project concludes in Fall 2023, so we will no longer be offering funding or accepting applications
Theme: Building Resilience in Coastal Communities (BRiCC)

Gain international experience and contribute to important projects and organizations surrounding coastal health & sustainability. This is an interdisciplinary program, and students from a variety of faculties in both undergraduate and graduate programs are encouraged to apply.

Since 2016, 24 students undertook international internship positions or graduate research abroad and VIU welcomed 7 QE Scholars from Belize to study in VIU's graduate programs on scholarship and contribute to the community of scholars.

Update: VIU Queen Elizabeth Scholars Program Extended 2018 - 2022
More students at Vancouver Island University (VIU) are going to have a chance to continue the work of Building resilience in coastal communities thanks to $300,000 in new funding from the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships (QES) program.

QES applications are now open! Apply now! Learn more at VIU Queen Elizabeth Scholars

Opportunities by Program

The following programs offer opportunities for internships and practicum placements abroad. Additional opportunities may be available - contact VIU Education Abroad and your Program Chair for more information.

  • Anthropology - International Internships

    Scladina Cave, Belgium
    Every June, VIU Anthropology students travel to Sclayn, Belgium to explore Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology in a hands-on, international context. VIU participants work with graduate and undergraduate students from around the world in this 5 week program, where they work in the cave and/or in the lab five days a week for seven to eight hours per day. Contact David Hopwood, Internship Coordinator for more information.
  • Global Studies - International Internships

    Various Countries as determined by Student Proposal and Internship Committee
    The Global Studies internship program is an excellent opportunity for students to experience work in an international environment. Students have pursued internships in places as far flung as Geneva, India, Belize, Uganda and Brazil. Interviews are usually scheduled approximately two weeks after the application deadline. Contact Matthew Bowes (, the Internship Coordinator, or Laura Suski (, the Program Chair, for further information about the internship application process or internship experience.
  • Nursing - International Internships

    Ghana 2013; Nepal 2014; Indonesia 2015; Mexico (2016 - 2018)This long established opportunity allows VIU Nursing students to gain valuable experience working with partners in developing communities to share experience in an international setting. Led by VIU Nursing Faculty, the group internship departs in November each year for the three week experience. In recent years, the program has taken place in San Miguel de Allende (SMA) and participants work with community agencies focusing on community development, research and leadership. Follow the VIU Nurses Abroad on Facebook.
  • Business - International Internship

    Various Countries as determined by Student Proposal and Internship Committee
    Through this experience, Faculty of Management students can gain valuable practical skills by participating in a 200-hour unpaid work experience component. This culminates with the student detailing the outcome of the work performed and the benefits achieved in a final paper. Students normally participate in this program in their final year of study. Students have the opportunity to secure their own sponsored position, and the student will work closely with a faculty advisor to achieve their objectives.
  • Education - International Field Placements

    Various Countries as determined by Student Proposal and Internship Committee
    The Faculty of Education offers a number of international field placement opportunities within a Community Service Based or a BC Offshore/International Curriculum School setting. Placements take place in the month of May and consist of approximately four weeks of teaching time. Application to participate is done through the Faculty of Education, with additional Faculty of International Education components. Applications are accepted from early November of each academic year.

Past Programs

  • Health Sciences and Human Services
    Surabaya, Indonesia
    Students from VIU's Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Care, Social Services programs have participated in past years. This program is not currently accepting applications.
  • Recreation/Tourism
    Sunyani, Ghana
    The Ghana Canada Partnership for Environmental Education was a collaboration between VIU and two colleges located in Ghana: Sunyani Polytechnic (S. Poly), and the Sunyani Faculty of Forest Resource Technology (FFRT) at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Students from VIU were able to visit Sunyani to apply knowledge and skills in their respected fields.