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International Cost Calculator

Find out how much studying and living in Canada will cost you based on your specific program and choice of accommodation with the help of our International Cost Calculator.   

Please note that some courses have additional lab fees, amounts vary. 

Tuition Payment Deadlines

Payment due dates for returning students: April 1, August 1, December 1 (except when the due date falls on a weekend or holiday - then it is the Friday before).

NOTE: students will be charged a $200.00 late fee for payments made after these dates.

To contact the Finance Office at the Centre for International Education (B255) send an email to

Methods of Payment

Vancouver Island University accepts the following methods of payment:

  1. Cheque / money order / bank draft
  2. Credit Cards: MasterCard (MC) / VISA / American Express (AMEX)
  3. Bank Wire Payment (account details provided upon request)

Important Information:

  • All payments must include student name, date of birth and/ or VIU student ID.
  • Email a copy of the bank wire payment instructions to
  • Bank wire charges deducted in transit are the responsibility of the student.

If you have received a letter of offer by email, please review the details on the Fee Payment Form for your payment schedule.

For all queries related to fee payments, please contact

Medical Insurance

Refer to Medical Insurance Information page for details. 

Fees, Deferrals, & Refund Policies - International Students 

General Regulations

All new and continuing international students at VIU are subject to University policies and procedures. Below are the Payment, Deferral, and Refund policies for international students. A more comprehensive document that outlines other university policies and regulations for all students can be found in the VIU Academic Calendar.

All new international applicants to VIU should be aware that their first payment to VIU is non-refundable and non-transferable, except in the case of approved deferrals or approved applications for refunds.

Unpaid fines, administrative fees, and other amounts owing to VIU will be deducted prior to any approved deferral or refund.

Students required to withdraw, or who are not admitted to VIU, due to a violation of the Student Conduct Code and/or Student Academic Code of Conduct are not entitled to any deferral or refund.

Covid-19 Deferral and Refund Policy (July 30)

Covid-19 Deferral and Refund Policy (July 30) - русский

Covid-19 Deferral and Refund Policy (July 30) - 简体中文

Covid-19 Deferral and Refund Policy (July 30) - Tiếng Việt

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