Scholarships & Funding

Help to make your dreams of studying abroad come to life.

We know that financial restraints are the #1 barrier for many students to go abroad, which is why we help to facilitate over $70,000 in funding each year to support student participation in VIU Education Abroad programs. 


VIU’s Building Resilience in Coastal Communities (BRiCC) program has funding available through the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships (QES) for Canadian VIU students to undertake international internships and abroad as well as scholarships for international students from eligible countries to study in Canada in a graduate program at VIU, or as a short-term visiting scholar. 

For more information, see the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship webpage.


Students going on a VIU Exchange program for one or two semesters will receive the Exchange Award of $2,200.  Awards are distributed upon completion of the Pre-Departure checklist.  Explore the VIU Exchange Program for more information about this opportunity.


This is your opportunity to engage in international education events on campus, develop your intercultural skills, and earn funding towards your international experience. Earn $500 upon completion of the Stipend Activities. For more information, see Global Citizens Network & Stipend Program page.


VIU Exchange Agents are ambassadors of the VIU Exchange Program who help prospective exchange students find out more about the possibilities of exchange through info sessions, classroom presentations, social media campaigns and other events.  As a recognition of their time and engagement, Agents are awarded with a $500 for an abbreviated summer session or $750 stipend per full semester, upon completion of the Stipend Activities.  See the program page for more information on how to apply to the program.  For more information, see the Exchange Agent Stipend Program page.


VIU Scholarships & Awards manage a number of awards available to students accepted enrolled in VIU Education Abroad programs (exchange, field school, internship or practicum overseas).  

To apply, update & submit your Scholarship/Award/Bursary Profile from your student record by the March 31st deadline.  The following list is a summary of some of the "Study Abroad" awards available and this information is subject to change.  For more information, see VIU Financial Aid & Awards.

  • Ann Buchanan Liberal Studies Award

    • 1 award, $1000; Available to students who are single parents, and who will be attending a Liberal Studies Abroad program.
  • International Internship Award

    • 1 award, $3,000; Available to students participating in an internship of at least 3 months in a development country in the global south. Preference will be given to students whose internships are aligned with CIDA priorities and themes.
  • Morvah Award for International Development

    • 1 award, $500; Available to Canadian students working on short-term projects overseas; based first on overall abilities and life goals, then GPA. Awarded on the basis of the Centre for International Studies evaluation of a short proposal demonstrating the following objectives: 1) furthering international awareness and understanding of the economic barriers to poverty alleviation, contributing to initiatives that may be able to overcome these barriers, in a sustainable manner; 2) bringing tangible benefits to both VIU and the host country counterparts, and 3) where possible to leverage co-funding of development projects from other sources (eg CIDA, Province of BC, CCC), to maximize the awards' impact.
  • Patricia Forbes Awards for Professional Development

    • 2 awards, $1,000 each; Available to students in Recreation & Tourism programs, who will be participating in a professional development activity, such as attending a conference, undertaking professional training, or participating in a field school, research project, or semester abroad.
  • Tony Sorchy Study Abroad Award

    • 1 award, $1,000; Available to a Global Studies student, who has an appreciation for global learning, and is studying abroad. Selection is based on demonstrated financial need, volunteerism and a letter of recommendation by VIU Faculty.
  • Koki Sato International Scholarship

    • 1 award, $300; Available to full-time Canadian or International students, based on academic excellence and demonstrated leadership in international and community development and relations. To apply, update & submit your "Scholarship/Award/Bursary Profile" from your student record by the March 31st deadline. Funds awarded as a tuition credit for the fall semester.  


Awarded to students participating in study, or work-abroad programs that are either experiential learning opportunities (language or cultural training), OR that provide credits toward the BC academic credential they are working towards. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $3,500.  Read the eligibility criteria carefully before applying.  Application deadlines: March & November annually and applicants submit complete applications to the VIU Education Abroad office.

This scholarship has been suspended until further notice by the funder, due to complications related to COVID-19.  We will update our website when we receive further information.  Please see the Irving K. Barber Society site for details. 


This is a prestigious, high-value award, available on a competitive basis to eligible British Columbia students from across the province whose study abroad program is one semester or two consecutive academic semesters of full time study at one institution. In the case of work abroad activities, including applied experiential learning such as cooperative education placements, internships and field work, they may be included if they are an integral part of a student’s study abroad program, but they must be combined with at least one semester of academic work.  Apply directly to the Irving K. Barber Society. For more information, please see the Irving K. Barber Society site. 

This scholarship has been suspended until further notice by the funder, due to complications related to COVID-19.  We will update our website when we receive further information.  Please see the Irving K. Barber Society site for details. 


This consortium offers a variety of scholarships. Check out the Stories from Abroad Scholarship, with application deadlines in the Spring semester.  For more information, please see BC Study Abroad Scholarships & Awards.


CBIE supports several scholarships for Canadian students wishing to learn abroad. For more information, please see the CBIE website.


Explore international scholarship opportunities for Canadian students and researchers to study and conduct research abroad. Explore the database by country of destination to find scholarships, fellowships or funding opportunities made available by Global Affairs Canada and other Canadian federal government departments.  For more information, please see the Government of Canada International Scholarships for Canadians webpage. 


    • Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)
    • The BC Student-Led Research Program
    • NSERC (Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council)
    • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) SSHRC-related fields
    • Jessica Wilde Fund for Conference Participation
    • Warsh Law Corp Undergraduate Research Award

For more information on Research Funding Opportunities, please see: VIU Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity.


    • Various government agencies offer grants and awards, usually in a provincial or national competition.
    • Foreign Government Awards - Korea The Government of Korea through the National Institute for International Education Development offers scholarships to Canadians for study/research at the graduate level. These scholarships are based on reciprocal agreements between the governments of Korea and Canada.
      For more information, visitForeign Government Awards Program - Korea.

Students approved to participate in VIU Education Abroad programs and who receive funding such as loans, grants or scholarships through StudentAid BC may be eligible to maintain their funding while studying abroad. It is the responsibility of each student to make the appropriate arrangements. The following is a guide to assist in navigating the process, for VIU Education Abroad participants. 

Outgoing Exchange Students
Students going on an exchange semester may be eligible for student loans. The Education Abroad Office recommends connecting with VIU Financial Aid & Awards if you plan to use student loan funding to offset the expenses of going on exchange. If you will be applying for financial assistance from StudentAid BC prior to participating in a planned semester exchange program abroad, you must advise VIU Financial Aid & Awards to ensure you meet the funding eligibility. Because the dates of exchange programs often do not match the dates of enrollment at VIU, your student loan application will require a separate appendix that the Financial Aid Office must complete.  

If you were approved for a student exchange after applying for Student Aid BC, you may need to report a circumstance change and/or complete a reassessment process for funding. Please contact VIU Financial Aid & Awards for instructions.

Not all exchange partner universities are eligible for students to receive student loan funding. Visit StudentAid BC or contact VIU Financial Aid & Awards to verify if the host university is designated to receive student loans.

Short Term Education Abroad Programs

For students participating in Field Schools, Internships, Practica and Summer programs abroad who, you may be eilible to StudentAidBC funding.

In order to apply, you must be enrolled in at least 60% (40% for students with permanent disabilities) of a full-time course load for credit, for a period of at least 12 consecutive weeks. The Financial Aid office will be able to advise you on whether your program will qualify for StudentAid BC.

If you are currently receiving StudentAid BC funding, you may need to complete a Reassessment form (Appendix 7) in January to extend your end date to August. It is important that you submit this form to the Financial Aid & Awards Office early in the new year to ensure that additional funds are received by the field school payment deadlines. The additional funds are usually available 4 to 6 weeks after you submit your Reassessment application.

If you are not currently receiving StudentAid BC funding, and need financial assistance, contact VIU Financial Aid & Awards.