Cultural Connections - Road Trips

semester poster spring 2024

Join the Cultural Connections Road Trips team as we embark on exciting adventures to awe-inspiring locations. Being connected, active, and engaged in the local environment is healthy. It can help with the cultural adjustment process for students who are new to Canada or new to the community.

Every semester, we prepare a schedule of seasonal weekly Road Trips activities available to all registered VIU students. Be sure to check out the International Monthly Event Calendar for detailed descriptions of the activities we have planned for you this semester! 

How to Sign Up

Our activities are available to all current VIU Students. Sign up with us in person, next to the Front Reception Desk in the "Glassroom" on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm – 1:30pm in Building 255 - Second Floor.

You will need to have your:

  1. Student card,
  2. Proof of medical insurance (BC Care Card or Insurance Policy)
  3. Payment (cash is currently the only method of payment for activities)

Cancellation Policy

Students generally have up to 48 hours before the beginning of a program to cancel in order to be issued a refund, unless there is an advanced booking deadline (noted on each trip poster). In that case the cancellation deadline will be the date of the booking deadline. Cancellations must be received in-person with International Education staff at the front desk in Building 255 or at the Activity Information Desk.

"No-Shows" are students who do not show up to an activity, without officially cancelling. Refunds are not available in this case. If you are registered, please make every effort to attend and contact us if you cannot participate.

We normally try not to cancel our trips and activities however there are rare occurrences that we may have to cancel a trip based on severe weather conditions or registration numbers. In those cases you will be notified and a refund will be issued.

Policies, Health & Safety

We have an ongoing commitment to ensure the safety and quality of our trips, with trained and responsible student leaders, staff and community partners. 

Departures from Group

For insurance and safety reasons all participants are required to stay with the group throughout the activity and return together.

Itinerary, Weather and Dress

An itinerary of the program will be provided in advance with information about what to expect and how to prepare. Itinerary times are subject to change due to varying circumstances such as weather, transportation, and other potential delays. Leaders will communicate with participants regarding any changes by phone and email, wherever possible. All Cultural Connections Programs run according to VIU’s Severe Weather Procedures.

Medical Insurance  

All participants are required to show proof of valid medical insurance when signing up for a Cultural Connections Activities. 

Activity Considerations: Is this Activity Really for You?

We strive to offer a wide variety of options that are accessible to all students. If you are unsure about your ability to participate, contact us for more detailed information about a program. Alternate programs may be recommended at that time or avenues for additional support will be explored. Participation is up to the discretion of the Program Coordinator or Leader.

Waiver Form

Please read our general waiver form for VIU group activities in the attachment section below. All participants are required to read and sign the waiver before the start of the trip. We will provide a paper copy for you to read through again and sign the morning of the trip.

VIU Cultural Connections Waiver


Robin Lemmens, Activity Program Coordinator
phone: 250-753-3245, Ext. 2228