International Research Mobility Experience

The International Research Mobility Experience (IRME) project will provide opportunities for eligible undergraduate students enrolled at a CALAREO member institution to pursue short-term research projects or field school activities in Latin America under the supervision of a faculty member at either the home or host institution.

VIU students are invited to apply for 3-4 month FUNDED research internships in Mexico and Colombia, offered through the International Research Mobility Experience (IRME) project. 

The IRME project is funded by the Global Skills Opportunity program and MITACS and administered in partnership between VIU, Lakehead University, Carleton University, École de technologie supérieure, and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

What's the Opportunity?

VIU has funding for up to 4 student research internships in Mexico and Colombia. They will be awarded based on the first four applications that meet eligibility. 

Internship opportunities are available in a wide range of academic disciplines including Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Education and Business.  Follow the link under 'Need More Information?' for all you need to know about the various opportunities.

How much is Awarded?

The standard award is $6,000 CAD to cover expenses such as:

  • flights
  • living expenses
  • tuition

Indigenous students, students with disabilities, and low income students are eligible to apply for extra support, up to a maximum of $12,000 CAD, including support for dependents and/or caregivers.

There are other potential awards available which students are encouraged to apply for that could boost total funding.

In order to be eligible to receive an IRME research internship award students must:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Be a current UNDERGRADUATE VIU student (part-time or full-time studies)
  • Be completed or will complete at least 2 years of your program before the internship begins
  • Continue to have student status throughout the internship (students who have graduated or expect to graduate before the completion of the internship are not eligible)
  • Have at least a “B” average (equivalent to 3.0 GPA) for the two semesters preceding the internship
  • Be eligible to receive VIU academic credit for completion of the internship
Internship Opportunities

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