Emergency Travel Medical Insurance

All students participating in a VIU Education Abroad Program (exchange, field school, internship, practica, summer program, etc) are required to enroll in and purchase the mandated travel medical policy through International Insurance


Purchase Guard.Me emergency travel medical insurance for your trip. Access the VIU portal and receive the VIU policy at a discounted rate!

Buy Guard.Me Medical Insurance

Participants have the option of selecting Global Plan A or Global Plan B when purchasing insurance. In some cases, insurance may be included in the cost of your activity (such as for some field schools) while for other programs it is not. It is the participant's responsibility to choose the policy that best suits their needs.

Global Plan A includes Guard.Me's emergency travel medical insurance policy plus trip interruption and cancellation insurance. This plan is non-refundable once purchased.

Global Plan B is emergency travel medical insurance only.

The Education Abroad Office recommends that participants purchase Global Plan A unless they have cancellation and interruptions insurance through a separate policy. Travel itineraries, airline tickets and other services purchased for international activities are the property of the student. VIU is not responsible for any changes, interruptions or cancellations that affect these services and the participant is responsible for any additional expenses incurred or claiming them against their appropriate insurance policy, if covered.

  • Ensure your coverage dates begin from the day you plan to depart Canada, until the date of your planned return to Canada. If you are unsure about your program dates, contact before purchasing the plan. 
  • Keep your policy and Emergency Wallet Card on hand when travelling abroad. You will also receive a digital copy from Forward a copy to VIU Education Abroad and print one for your wallet.
  • Print a claim form prior to departure and keep it on your person while traveling. Fill out your claim form before leaving the medical facility as they can be very difficult and time consuming to complete afterwards.
  • This plan is an emergency travel medical insurance plan and does not cover expenses relating to the maintenance of pre-existing conditions. If you have a pre-existing condition that has been stable in the 3 months prior to departure, an exacerbation of this condition may be covered only up until stabilization.
  • If you would like trip cancellation/interruption/curtailment coverage, this can be purchased under the Global A plan online at International Insurance once you now your program will run abroad. Note that the price of this plan varies based on your length of time abroad. This plan is non-refundable.
  • Familiarize yourself with your plan, coverage and processes for submitting a claim before you leave.
  • Save the 24/7/365 Toll Free, Emergency Assistance Number in your phone and in a safe place at home in Canada. This number is conveniently located on your card which you will be emailed once you buy your coverage online at International Insurance.
  • Do you have a spouse, parent or child(ren) who will accompany you on your experience abroad? You can buy coverage for them online at International Insurance once you first book your own coverage.
  • Extending your trip abroad? In order to extend your coverage, simply buy a new policy for the extra dates you require.
  • If you are 66-69 years old, please contact for the application form. Payment by Visa or MasterCard will be required.  
  • If you are 70+ years old, no longer provides travel medical insurance. Please seek travel medical coverage elsewhere, no exemption necessary.

mobileDoctor by allows insured students to connect with Canadian doctors on Maple, a telemedicine company, as part of their health benefits. Maple provides access to doctors, Canada wide, on your phone, tablet or computer at any time and anywhere! While traveling abroad, this is a great resource when you've encountered a health situation and are unsure if you should make a trip to a medical clinic or hospital. Get advice regarding cold and flu, coughs, earaches, hives, infections, pink eye, sinus infections, sore throat, urinary tract infections, vomiting, diarrhea, and more.

Access mobileDoctor for free.

Please note that full services are unavailable while outside of Canada. Doctors accessible through this service are licensed within Canada only. Therefore, they are unable to write prescriptions for you while traveling abroad. Full medical appointments may be unavailable outside of Canada. This service does not replace emergency medical treatment. If you are experiencing a severe medical emergency, seek local service as soon as possible.