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Fit one of these experiences in to your summer plans, outside the regular semesters, and many of the credits can be transferred to your degree and explore along the way!

While VIU-sanctioned student travel is on hold, it is possible to have immersive intercultural experiences in many of these programs during the Summer of 2021, through a virtual program.   This is your chance to explore new topics, learn some new skills and network students abroad in what are truly international programs.

Many of these programs are providing virtual or hybrid delivery.  Contact to discuss in more detail and find out more!

Program Overview
There are so many opportunities here for academic study, professional development, international exploration and intercultural learning.

Our partners offer programs in language & culture, business and more.  Condensed and immersive, Summer Abroad programs provide targeted skills and experiences in two to six weeks, and generally between May - August. 

The program fees typically cover accommodation, some meals and cultural activities (travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student). 

Register with Education Abroad to receive support with transfer credit, pre-departure and access to funding!  For more information, please contact us!








Doshisha Women's College

Japanese Language Immersion

About the Program: The Japanese Language Immersion Course offers introductory Japanese language courses to students whose first language is not Japanese.  Please note that this program is open only to female undergraduate students or graduates whose goal is to improve their Japanese language skills.

Location: Kyoto City (Imedegawa Campus)

Dates: Term A May 18 to June 12, 2020

   Term B June 22 to July 17, 2020

Students can participate in either one or both terms.

Application Period: February 29, 2020


  • Be an undergraduate student or a graduate of a higher education institution abroad
  • Be a female student 18 years or older prior to departure
  • Have at least 6 months of Japanese study experience prior to the course

Japanese Language Immersion Course (non-credit) 

Japanese Studies Program (JSP)

J.F. Oberlin University

The Reconnaissance Japan

About the Program: The Summer Session at J. F. Oberlin University is a four-week intensive program in the suburbs of Tokyo. Courses offered in 2019 will be two business, two cultural classes and two Japanese language courses, all of which are developed from courses that are already part of JFOU`s regular curriculum.

Location: Machida, Japan

Dates: July 1 to July 26, 2019

Application Period: April 15, 2019


  • Completed one year of university with good academic record
  • A grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • One year's previous study of the Japanese language are recommended (not required)

The Reconnaissance Japan Program Website

2019 Program Brochure



Seoul Women’s University

Bahrom International Program (BIP)

About the Program: Bahrom International Program is a 4-week summer program in Seoul, South Korea.  The program is conducted in English, and is an “experience Korea” cultural program.  The program consists of various lectures, field trips and group activities.  The credits earned at SWU may be transferred to VIU, there will be a requirement to register and pay for 1 course at VIU in order to earn credit for this experience.  This program is not gender specific, despite the University name, the summer program is open for any and all gender identities.  

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Dates: June 30 - July 23, 2020

Application Deadline: April 10, 2020

Submit your completed application to or B255 reception
*It is not necessary to submit photos, passport copies or the application fee to apply.  These will be requested from students once accepted.

Eligibility & how to apply:

  • Undergraduate or graduate students
  • English proficiency for non-native speakers
  • See the VIU webpage for BIP (includes application instructions and detailed program information)


See the VIU webpage for BIP 
(includes application instructions and detailed program information)

See the SWU webpage for BIP

Chung-Ang University

Program: CAU International Summer Program

About the Program: The CAU International Summer Program (ISP) is a hybrid program providing students with a window into Korea coupled with courses and cultural experiences that foster an understanding of Korea's culture and society as well as subjects ranging from Business, Social Sciences, International Relations, Korean Language.

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Dates: No 2019 Offerings

Application Period: No 2019 Offerings


  • Enrolled as a student at a university level institution
  • English proficiency for non-native speakers

CAU International Summer Program Website







Burgundy School of Business

GinkGo Entrepreneurial Garden Program

About the Program: Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a state of being and acting to transform the world. Our responsibility is to learn to create it. The Entrepreneurial Garden has developed a range of short-term programes, combining different modules from ideation to business creation. Courses are taught in English.

Location: Dijon, France

Dates: Undergraduate & Postgraduate Module 1 2021 Program To Be Announced

   Undergraduate Module 2 To Be Announced

Undergraduate students may choose to register for Module 1, 2 or both.

Application Deadline: TBA


  • English proficiency for non-native speakers

GinkGo Entrepreneurial Program Website

Informational Brochure



Cologne School of Business, with
University of Vic & Central University of Catalonia

Business Innovation Summer Program

About the Program: This joint Summer Program focuses on innovative business design and management, held in Cologne and Barcelona - two of the cities with strong economic power in Europe. Students will be provided an extensive insight into innovative business and design thinking, as well as economic and cross cultural management in Europe.

Location: Cologne, Germany & Barcelona, Spain

Dates: 2021 Dates To Be Announced

Application Deadline: TBA


  • Completed a minimum of one year of University
  • Undertaken studies in the fields of international business management, marketing or advertising
  • Meet the minimum English language requirements

Business Innovation Summer Program Website


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

The Finance Boot Camp 

Summer 2021 Mode of offering: hybrid.

Students can choose between online and in-class according to their personal situation related to COVID-19.  VIU sanctioned student travel is restricted, so VIU participants should plan for online participation.

About the Program: Perhaps you did not choose to study Finance at university, but now you are curious to find out more about the major financial products and investment strategies. You want a better understanding of the new or dream about becoming the next George Soros. Maybe you will be a new student next fall and want to get a jump start on your studies. Either way, the Finance Boot Camp with the Banking Game will be a fun addition to your summer. The ProBanker online game simulates a competitive banking environment where managers acquire deposits and long-term capital and distribute them in the forms of loans and investments. An engaging and interactive experience paired with insightful lectures on finance & banking in a nutshell and site visits to financial institutions.

The Management Boot Camp

About the Program: Covering different topics in strategy, leadership, and management, the Management Boot Camp gives students the unique opportunity to hone-in their skills in a dynamic and interactive classroom setting. Apart from lecture, students have the opportunity to try their hand in the been distribution dame, an interactive learning simulation designed to reinforce the fundamentals of supply chain management invented by the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This is a type of gamification that is used to experience typical coordination problems of a supply chain process. It reflects a role-play simulation where several participants play with each other. Paired with the game, students get the opportunity to visit a beer brewery in the region to learn more about the real-life processes and challenges in supply chain management.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany (New Adickesallee Campus)

Dates: July 2021

Application Deadline: March 31 2021 to Qualify for an Early Bird Discount


  • Bachelor Students or first year Master Students
  • Studying non-finance programs

Additional Information:

Students from VIU can receive a 25% partner discount on their fees

Frankfurt School Summer Programs




Karlshochschule International University

Summer Academy on Intercultural Experience

About the Program: The Summer Academy on Intercultural Experience is organized by the Karlshochschule International University and InterCulturgemeinnützige GmbH and approaches relevant topics in the field of intercultural management, communication and training and is intended to foster the intercultural perspective within the field of management studies as well as to develop applied solutions for the problems in business and society.

Location: Karlsruhe, Southwest Germany

Dates: 2020 & 2021 programs cancelled due to Covid-19.

Application Deadline: TBA


  • Undergraduate students with one year of academic record
  • Young professionals aged 18 to 35
  • English proficiency for non-native speakers                              

Summer Academy on Intercultural Experience Website

Munich School of Applied Sciences

Engineering for Sustainability & Operational Excellence

Summer 2021 Mode of offering: online

Students can complete the program virtually.

About the Program: Munich Summer School of Applied Sciences offers study programs in automotive and electrical engineering, management and entrepreneurship. All international students also participate in German language and culture classes. The program will provide opportunities to learn about German culture by interacting with local students, faculty, staff and through the program's social activities.

Location: Munich, Germany

Dates: Engineering for Sustainability July 5 - August 6, 2021

Application Deadline: March 31, 2021

Engineering for Sustainability Website


Utrect University of Applied Sciences


Summer 2021 Mode of offering: hybrid.

Students can choose between online and in-class according to their personal situation related to COVID-19.  VIU sanctioned student travel is restricted, so VIU participants should plan for online participation.

Utrecht Summer School

About the Program: Select from a variety of courses in the areas of Culture, Language, Social Sciences, Economics, Science, Life Science!

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Dates: Courses are throughout July & August (Dependant on course selection)

Application:  Deadlines vary by course


  • Bachelor students with a minimum age of 18


Utrecht Summer School Website
Education Abroad Office
Faculty of International Education, Building 255 
900 Fifth Street
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