Travel Planning

Travel Planning

Whether your VIU Education Abroad experience will be with a group in a field school or community practicum placement, or you are travelling independently on an exchange, internship or practicum placement, it is important to spend time on travel planning, and preparations related to living and studying abroad.

Visit VIU's Country Profile index - destination country specific pre-departure, entry requirement, and in-country information.

Global Affairs Canada

Visit the Global Affairs Canada Travel & Tourism website and explore information on destination safety and security, local laws and customs, entry requirements, health conditions, and emergency contact information for Canadian offices around the world.

Check the Travel Advice and Advisories when you start to plan your trip, and again before you leave. If the region or the country you will be visiting becomes subject to a Travel Advisory, it may affect your travel health insurance or your trip cancellation insurance.

You can also review:

Registry of Canadians Abroad

Canadian outbound students are advised to complete Registry of Canadians Abroad service. This free service enables government officials to contact and/or assist you in case of an emergency abroad, such as a natural disaster or civil unrest, or inform you of an emergency at home. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you should contact the nearest embassy or consulate of your country of citizenship for equivalent emergency resources and services that may be available to you. Pack the travel smart app at:

Travel Health Advice

Do you know the recommended and required immunizations for your host country(ies)?  And there is more to travel health than immunizations. As such, please these resources and follow up with the local travel clinic well in advance of your planned departure: