Waivers & Student Conduct

Waivers & Student Conduct

Vancouver Island University offers many off-campus educational opportunities to enrich student learning.

These opportunities can be in the form of a field trip, practicum, co-op work experience, or international field school. Regardless of the type of experience, it is important for students to understand the risk, responsibilities, expectations and policies that apply.



Education Abroad Waiver & Cancellation Forms

The Waivers include important information on the release of liability, fee responsibilities and conduct policies.  Please also review the Cancellation and Refund Procedures.

Learning Off Campus

The VIU Learning Off Campus Brochure describes the regulations and expectations for students partaking in education abroad experiences:
VIU Learning Off Campus Brochure

VIU Student Conduct Code

As part of the pre-departure requirements, students partaking in VIU Education Abroad Programs are required to review, understand and adhere to the Student Conduct code, as outlined in the following policies & procedures:
Policy & procedure
VIU Student Conduct Code Policy 32.05
Procedure 32.05.001
VIU Student Academic Code of Conduct 96.01
Procedure 96.01.001

 Note that policies and procedures are subject to changes and amendments.  The most current versions will be published on the website.  Please visit VIU Policies & Procedures.