Student Testimonials

Saeed Tehrani

Grad Prep + MBA

I chose to study at VIU because the city is quiet and so beautiful. The people are super friendly and they treated me warmly.

I would encourage students to think of their ESL studies as an opportunity. Studying ESL at VIU has prepared me for my academic course.

Andre (Andy) Montenegro

Grad Prep and MBA

My name is Andre Montenegro; however, my friends and acquaintances call me Andy. 

There are many reasons related to choosing VIU. However, I will point out only three: First, the University has an excellent reputation in Canada. Second, the MBA program is accredited by ACBSP, which reinforces its seriousness. Also, there is an option that you can add some classes to obtain a dual degree. Finally, the... more

Hana Alsaleh

Hana Alsaleh

Academic Preparation
Gunel Gafarli

Gunel Gafarli

Academic Preparation and ITAS

Studying at VIU is a real opportunity for me. Not only do I have the opportunity to learn from highly skilled professors and teachers but also I have the great opportunity to learn from valuable experiences. I also learned a lot from my ESL classes which I could use in my academic classes. I learned about writing styles in ESL and I had no trouble understanding the material that was taught.  As a Tourism student at VIU, I have the opportunity to take a Co-op and gain work experience in the... more

Dadi (Damon) Zhao

AP5, Grad Prep & MBA

I am Dadi Zhao. I also go by Damon.

Two of my sisters got their MBA degree at VIU so it was not hard for me to get a true impression of VIU.

The size of the classes is one of the most attractive factors for me because, from my perspective, having more chances to communicate with teachers is more suitable for me. And the reputation of the MBA degree at VIU is pretty nice in Canada. 

For me, my teachers' patience and... more

Jason Doan

Grad Prep + MBA

Grad Prep is not simply an ESL course. It prepared me with academic language skills, such as writing in APA style and skimming readings, and that helped with every assignment and group project in my MBA program.

I believe this course is very useful and necessary for international students who want to pursue higher level studies in Canada.

Constanza Eganz

University Preparation

I chose to study at VIU because their courses have a direct link with the professional world and the labour market. 

My advice to new students is to follow the rhythm of the ESL classes, perform the assigned tasks and take advantage of the tools that the Learning Centre offers.

Risa Meura

Risa Meura

Ishikawa, Japan
Business English and Academic Preparation 5 and Expo

It was such a memorable experience to study at VIU’s English Language Centre. I loved taking ESL class because it was not only about studying English, but also about learning different cultures from other classmates, which was really interesting. I had many things to absorb from them. Since they apply small-class teaching, the distance between teachers and students is close. I felt the teachers were very friendly and welcoming.... more

Sachiko Ishibashi

Sachiko Ishibashi

Academic Preparation and Bachelor of Tourism Management

My experiences in the ESL program and Bachelor of Tourism Management in VIU have been fascinating. The ESL program was the hardest but a valuable experience which helped me to succeed in my academic studies.

For Tourism, each instructor was very knowledgeable and skillful with a passion in their specialized field. Every minute in all my classes was remarkable.

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