Why Choose Us?

Why should I study English at Vancouver Island University? 

  • Six start dates per year: January, February, April, June, August, October
  • Guaranteed entry to Vancouver Island University upon successful completion
  • Transfer ESL courses across many public institutions in British Columbia
  • 13-week courses:

6.5-weeks - Listening & Speaking
6.5-weeks - Reading & Writing

  • TESL certificate for teachers
  • 3-week and 4-week summer and winter camps
  • Small class sizes
  • Access to the facilities and experiences available on the university campus
  • Access to housing, counselling and immigration advising
  • Fully accredited by Languages Canada
  • Special blend of a caring and nurturing education
  • Day and weekend road trips to discover Vancouver Island's vibrant communities, local cultural events and attractions
  • An environment that balances academic accomplishments with social and relationship skills

University Credits

Students who have successfully completed the highest level of the University Preparation stream (University Preparation 5) with a minimum grade of “C”, and who are entering Vancouver Island University undergraduate programs, will be given 3 academic credits. These credits recognize the skill development in reaching an advanced level in a second language. These credits may be used for any non-specified elective towards certificate, diploma, and degree programs at VIU.

Learning Support

To help you achieve your goals, the English Language Centre offers Learning Support to all ESL students.

Every top athlete has a coach to help them improve their game or increase their performance. Language learning is no different. There are ways to become a better learner and get the powerful results you are looking for while studying English. 

Learning Support includes:

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