Get Packed

As you prepare to make your way to VIU and your new home, check through the following list of some suggested items to pack with you and tips on how to pack them!

In your carry-on luggage:

  • Government issued identification (birth certificate, valid passport)
  • Full mailing address (with postal code) and phone number for your destination (where will you stay when you arrive)
  • List of emergency contacts in Canada and your home country
  • Booking confirmations for flights or other travel arrangements
  • Money (Canadian Dollars, debit card, credit card)
  • Electronics (cell phone, camera, laptop, chargers)
  • Contact information for friends and family at home
  • Toiletries in appropriate sizes & packages (see Liquids, Food and Personal Items)
  • Power adaptor if applicable (see Plug and Socket Types)
  • Prescription medications in original containers (see Medication and Medical Items)

In your checked luggage:

  • Warm clothing (Jacket, gloves, toque)
  • Waterproof clothing for rain (Rain jacket, umbrella, rubber boots)
  • Gym shoes, walking shoes
  • Traditional clothing from your culture (to showcase during WorldVIU Days)
  • Small backpack for your textbooks
  • Pens, pencils, notebook
  • Non-prescription medications, for example, for colds, pain or upset stomach
  • Any household items you prefer to bring with you

Medical records & health care tips:

  • Bring records of the medical check-up you have had done for immigration.
  • Bring a copy of your medical records, particularly if you have a chronic medical condition.
  • Written medical history in English from your physician.
  • Ensure any prescription medications are in their original packaging and are accompanied by a prescription from your physician.
  • If you use traditional medicines or special herbal remedies on a regular basis, you may want to bring enough to last your stay (provided they are permitted - see below).

What not to bring

There are several items prohibited from entering Canada. Please know the regulations well before arrival to ensure smooth and stress-free journey. The following are suggested websites that outline items that are safe to bring, as well as prohibited items: