Gunel Gafarli

Gunel Gafarli

Academic Preparation and ITAS

Studying at VIU is a real opportunity for me. Not only do I have the opportunity to learn from highly skilled professors and teachers but also I have the great opportunity to learn from valuable experiences. I also learned a lot from my ESL classes which I could use in my academic classes. I learned about writing styles in ESL and I had no trouble understanding the material that was taught.  As a Tourism student at VIU, I have the opportunity to take a Co-op and gain work experience in the tourism sector which will be a huge benefit to help me find a job after graduation.

I recommend all international students to take ESL classes before starting academic classes. ESL classes helped me to improve my English, prepared me for my academic classes, and gave me an opportunity to gain experience in many areas. I learned a lot from AP5 classes which gave me an advantage when I started academic classes. I already knew how to write an argumentative essay and work with “Works Cited.”

By attending ESL classes, I also had the chance to learn about Canada and Canadian culture. We attended many events and trips organized for ESL students. Besides, I gained many friends from my ESL classes and I had the chance to learn from students from different cultures. That was a great experience, as well. So, I do strongly suggest every international student take Academic Preparation classes before starting their Academic classes.

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