VIU Hospitality Field School to Hawaii

VIU Hospitality Field School to Hawaii

Program Overview
Field School Dates: April 29-May 19 (proposed dates) 


The purpose of this field school is to provide VIU FOM students with an opportunity for experiential learning focused on an examination the interaction between a destination’s culture, resort industry & its tourism industry.  Study will focus upon exploration of related destination issues and the social-cultural focus of a destination’s culture. This field school allows for a deep exploration of these and related issues. There are three broad themes that provide the foundation to this field school: the history and cultural heritage of the islands; the tourism industry infrastructure in terms of a tourist destination, with a focus on sustainability; and some of the workings of the resort industry.

Program considerations: 

Course of pre-study: January 2018 to April 2018 inclusive. Note: travel in May is contingent on the completion of all pre-study requirements to a minimum C+ Students will be grouped together for accommodation. Cost of the field school does not include airfare, meals, incidentals and some activities. Tuition costs are extra

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