VIU International students

Other Expenses


If you request a homestay, you must complete a Student Profile/Homestay application form found at the following link, before a homestay placement will be made. Homestay / Peerstay program

Medical Insurance

The British Columbia Government requires all international students to have medical insurance while studying in British Columbia.
Upon arrival, all new students of Vancouver Island University receive medical insurance for emergencies through VIU International Student Plan Insurance. Students will not be able to participate in any institutional activities if they do not have current medical insurance.

Living expenses

You can anticipate the following living expenses while studying at Vancouver Island University.

Note: International students who do not have sufficient funds to complete their studies must return to their home country.

These expenses are for living only and do not include entertainment, clothing or other personal costs.

Sample living expenses*

English Language program
per Semester
(4 months)

Degree programs
per Semester
(4 months)

14 month program

Student ancillary fees








Medical insurance (4 months)




Housing & food (homestay $780/month) $3,120



Transportation (bus pass) $176 $176 $700


$4,023.68 (Cdn)

$4,591.68 (Cdn)

$14,954.88 (Cdn)

Extended health N/A 278.00/year 278.00/year
*All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without prior notice. Costs are effective January 2013.