Centre for Intercultural Studies

Connecting Across Difference

The Centre for Intercultural Studies (CIS) is an academic wing for the Department of International Education at Vancouver Island University (VIU) that is teaching intercultural studies while being integrated within the community. It is offering academic courses at VIU, supporting research in intercultural competence, and providing professional development for public and private sector organizations. The Centre for Intercultural Studies’ key message is “Connecting across difference.” People should be curious instead of afraid of difference. Intercultural studies should inspire change in an individual through developing attitudes, skills, knowledge, and confidence to engage effectively with cultural difference. 

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Who’s the centre for?

The centre offers programs for Vancouver Island University’s community (students and employees) along with outreach programs for people working within the city (healthcare workers, bus drivers, city workers, etc.). 


ICST 100  (3)  Exploring and Developing Intercultural Competence

This is an introductory course in developing intercultural competence. Topics will include why intercultural competence is necessary in today's world, current models and concepts of intercultural competence, cultural identity, intercultural communication, and how to put intercultural competence into action to improve relations and communication across cultures. (0:3:0)

Prerequisite: Min. "C" in English 12.


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