Confirmation of Enrollment Letters

To request a confirmation of enrollment letter for visa or other purposes, please email study@viu.ca for undergrads and masters@viu.ca for masters students, include full name student number and purpose of letter.  (See fee schedule below.) Please note that regular processing time for all letters is 5 business days, unless it is during the first 3 weeks of term, when regular processing times are 10 business days or longer! So plan your request accordingly.  Rush service may be available for an extra $20 charge for certain standard letters – but is not available during the first 3 weeks of term.  “Visa” related letters (for study permit extension, co-op work permits and temporary resident visas) continue to be available for NO CHARGE when regular (5 business day) service is requested.


 Regular Service

(5 business days)

 Rush Service

(2 business days)


Study Permit Extension






Co-op Work Permit






Temporary Resident Permit






Standard Letter of Confirmation






Status Update




Not Available


Banking Letter






Restoration Letter






Graduation Letter




Not Available



  • During the first 3 weeks of term, we regret that rush service will not be available and processing time for regular service will be 10 business days (or longer).
  • Any outstanding debts or overdue charges related to tuition, medical insurance, residence, library or other VIU related charges on student account, will need to be settled prior to any letters being issued to students.

Rush Service Processing Times:



Monday (8am – 11:59am)

Wednesday (10am)

Monday (Noon – 3:30pm)

Wednesday (2pm)

Tuesday (8am – 11:59am)

Thursday (10am)

Tuesday (Noon – 3:30pm)

Thursday (2pm)

Wednesday (8am – 11:59am)

Friday (10am)

Wednesday (Noon – 3:30pm)

Friday (2pm)

Thursday (8am- 11:59am)

Monday (10am)

Thursday (Noon – 3:30pm)

Monday (2pm)

Friday  (8am – 11:59am)

Tuesday (10am)

Friday (Noon – 3:30pm)

Tuesday (2pm)

Note: If a holiday falls on pick up day, letter will be available on the next business day following the holiday.