VIU International students

Checklist for Students from Saudi Arabia Wishing to Leave Vancouver Island University August 2018

We have compiled the below checklist for your information.*   We hope the list is fairly comprehensive and useful. If we have missed anything you wish to share with other Saudi students, please send the information via email to

Leaving VIU & Studying Elsewhere

  • Request official transcripts from VIU
    • For the month of August 2018, Saudi students can go to the registrar’s office (Building 200) to request 1 free official transcript. You should indicate you are a Saudi student when you arrive at the registration counter.  (Reminder: If you are asking a friend/family member to pick-up your transcript please ensure that they know the answer to your security question for your VIU student record.)
    • Request additional copies of your official transcript. Instructions on how to do so can be found at
  • Request an Official VIU Confirmation of Enrolment Letter.
    • For the month of August 2018, Saudi students can request confirmation of enrolment letters free of charge. Instructions for requesting such letters are found at Confirmation Letters
  • Transferring to another institution:
    • If intending to request transfer credits from VIU to your future institution, make sure you have copies of the course descriptions and, ideally, of the full course syllabus you received at the start of each of your courses. Course descriptions are found in the VIU Calendar Course syllabi may also be available from your academic program advisor or from the faculty member who taught the course, if you did not keep a copy.
    • Graduate students may also want to request a letter from their academic program or academic supervisor with a summary of their program and/or research.
  • Apply for a Leave of Absence, if Applicable.
    • If you hope to return to your academic program at VIU after studying at another institution we recommend you apply for an official leave of absence from your academic studies. 
      • For international students wishing to take a leave of absence for an individual academic term of study (Fall OR Spring, not both), please contact the international admissions team at Please confirm the term of leave, along with your student name, student number, and your program of study. Please note that leaves of absence in limited entry or graduate programs may impact when you can return to your studies at VIU. Please inquire with your Department Chair if you are in such a program.
      • If you wish to apply for a leave of absence for 2-terms (Fall AND Spring) or longer, such requests for a Leave of Absence from a program should be discussed with the program Chair. If the Program Chair is in agreement, a formal request should be made to the Dean of the Faculty in which the program resides. (Email request would be sufficient)
  • Requesting Credits to be Transferred to VIU:
    • If intending to request transfer credits at VIU from another institution, make sure you have the institution, and courses, reviewed IN ADVANCE of taking the courses. Make sure the institution is an accredited institution that is recognized by VIU. Please be prepared to submit complete course syllabi so that the courses may be evaluated if required. Inquiries about specific institutions, or courses, should be directed to
  • Your VIU Student Record:

Update your address and contact information on your Student Record account to reflect your forwarding address, any changes to your email, along with your updated phone number.

Outstanding Fees at VIU:

    • Reconcile any fees owing on your Student Record account so that there are no issues with transferring credits.  Find your fees at
      • If you have questions regarding international student fees, please direct them to
      • For other fees, please contact the appropriate department at VIU (e.g. Residences, parking, etc). Please indicate that you are a departing Saudi Arabian student in your email along with your name and student number.
  • Return books to the library.
  • Return VIU keys/access cards to the appropriate office or Program Assistant.
  • Return your parking pass or cancel your e-pass. Details are found at


Note: For the above checklist of things to do at VIU, please identify yourself as a student from Saudi Arabia, along with your name and student number, as many special supports have been put in place at these services for you for the month of August 2018.

Leaving Nanaimo & Canada

  • Arrange travel and insurance.
  • Cancel or sublet your housing.
    •  Private rentals/leases:  give notice to your landlord as per your lease or rental agreement, or ask about options for subletting your housing. Need information about your rights and responsibilities with Tenancy, landlords, please go to:
    • If you have questions or concerns, contact to discuss off-campus housing issues. 
    • If you are occupying or had planned to occupy VIU’s Student Residences, please inform them immediately by emailing
    • Request an apartment/room inspection with your landlord/residences to obtain your damage deposit, if applicable.
  • Cancel utilities (BC Hydro, Cable, Telephone, etc.) for bills in your name.
  • Disconnect or transfer cell phone or internet services.
  • Close or transfer bank accounts.
  • Notify your local employer of the current situation, if applicable.
  • Cancel, or temporarily suspend, any insurance plans (medical insurance, renter’s insurance, car insurance, etc.) in your name.
  •  Arrange for mail forwarding services through Canada Post|ddn|ml|225
  • Donate or sell furniture, car and belongings you do not wish to take with you.
    • With the start of the new school year around the corner, the VIU Welcome Centre is collecting items for the Student Free Store until September 6. Items being collected are house hold items, office supplies and more. For more information go to
    • Alternatively, you can sell or donate by using kijiji Nanaimo, or Craigslist or similar third-party services. (Remember to follow best practices regarding your safety and security when using third-party sites. Some tips are found at
    • If you are looking to donate items, Salvation Army 250 754-9340 and Habitat for Humanity (4128 Mostar Rd. Nanaimo) 250 758-8743 are currently accepting donations of small household items (kitchen utensils, gently used linens, dishes, pots and pans, lamps, small appliances, etc,)
  • If you have immigration questions, attend one of our drop in advising times at Building 255 (Drop-in Hours)or email one of our immigration advisors at
  • If you require legal advice, VIUSU offers a coupon for 30minutes of free legal advice to all VIU students. The advice is only for some areas of law such as landlord and tenant law, employment law, human rights, mediation, etc. Further details are found at
  • If you require a renewal of prescriptions or want to have your medical file transferred, book an appointment with the VIU Health & Wellness Centre or your family doctor or before you travel.
  • Withdraw your children from their school/daycare or any activities they may be involved in, if applicable.
  • Ensure your spouse or other family members have followed the applicable above procedures for themselves.


Any student from Saudi Arabia (SACB OR Self-Funded) with questions about the current situation, should contact the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in Canada via one of the following methods:

Phone, please use any of the following numbers: (+1) 6139402995; 6139402989; 6139402959; 6139402083; 6139402082; 6139404580; 6139402991; 6139404943; 6132615585; 6139404596

Students may also visit the SACB website to get more information about the directive from the Ministry.

To print the above checklist:  saudi_students_checklist_aug15_2018.pdf

*Thank you to colleagues from across Canada, in particular Western University, for sharing resources that were used to create this handout for Saudi students at VIU.