VIU International students

Income Tax Frequently Asked Questions

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Students who are filing a tax return for the first time must mail their tax return to one of two offices of the CRA (scroll down after clicking the link to find office addresses). The CRA office in which you send your income tax return application is dependent on what country you are from. A separate return for each year in Canada must be completed. If you use tax software such as Ufile, all forms must be printed and mailed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Subsequent year returns may be submitted through Netfile. You must include one world income statement reporting your income from sources between January 1 of the first year you arrived in Canada to the date you arrived in Canada. This amount for most international students is $0.

You may file multiple years using UFILE and select the earliest year to begin filing. When you use one Ufile account on a year to year basis, the software automatically carries forward your unused tuition and education amounts. You can always refer back to your tax years by reviewing and saving the pdf file that Ufile creates. Note: Begin with your first year in Canada so the education amounts will accumulate each year.

If this is not your first year filing, you can mail or drop off your return to one of the two tax offices (dependent on what country you are from). See THIS LINK.

You must figure out your residency status prior to filing. You may see THIS LINK for details.

Note: Indicate that you were a non resident on December 31, 20XX.

You have to indicate your departure date from Canada on the first page of your T1 after you print it. Also don't forget to sign and date page 4 of your T1 and mail to the CRA (scroll down after you click the previous link to find office locations).

You are also supposed to prorate all your nonrefundable tax credits but don't worry since it shouldn't affect your final numbers (unless you earned a lot of income).

For more information about international students and tax filing please see THIS LINK.

This matter is too complicated for the Internationalization Office (IO) to advise. Contact Canada Revenue Agency for assistance or you may see THIS LINK.

Report income information only in UFILE. A separate tax return is not required to be completed or filed for your spouse.

File your tax return online and mail your spouse's to the Canada Revenue Agency(one of two offices which is dependent on what country you are from).

If a person has dependants and has applied for the CCB, you must be here with your child for 18 months before you can apply. See THIS LINK for details.

No. Ufile has an agreement with the Canadian Federation of Students to provide students with free tax returns. Use the promotional code CFS1981.