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Money Matters

Managing Your Money

Budgeting and planning for expenses throughout your studies is extremely important. Here you'll find details on paying your tuition, planning for costs, VIU scholarships, and the financial considerations for bringing family with you.

Paying Tuition

Payment due dates for returning students: April 1, August 1, December 1 (except when the due date falls on a weekend or holiday - then it is the Friday before).
Note - students will be charged a $200.00 late fee for payments made after these dates.

Exchange students attending Vancouver Island University (VIU) on an official exchange with reciprocal fees agreement do not pay regular tuition but must pay some non-instructional fees.

Tuition Fees

Financial Difficulty or Money Problems

If you have sudden, unexpected financial difficulties while you are studying, you may want to seek funding from the following programs:

International Undergraduate Student Bursary, applications accepted once a year in August.
Emergency Loans and Bursaries, applications accepted throughout the year.

Taxes and International Students

As a student at VIU you are subject to the taxation laws of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

Whether you have to file a Canadian tax return and the type of income you must report depends on your residency status in Canada. It is your responsibility to assess your own tax obligations every year.

Follow this link to find out more about taxes and international students at VIU.

See Students and Income Tax for complete information, including details on tax credits such GST and Child Tax Credit.

Banking Letter

If your home country's bank/government requires that the University provide a letter outlining the funds that you will require per academic year, you can request this letter by emailing You will need to pay $20 cash only (no debit payments).  Our staff will be happy to handle your request and prepare a letter for you. A scanned copy of the letter will be e-mailed to you within 5 business days.

Bursaries, Scholarships and Financial Aid

1. The VIU Career Services office: They offer assistance with career and work search, cover letter and resume development, interview preparation, and labour market information. They also have listings of on- and off-campus employment opportunities.

2. The central Financial Aid and Awards office will have useful information on their website for you. 
As you will see on their website, StudentAid BC and the Canada Student Loans are only available to Canadian Citizens or permanent residents. Unfortunately, there is no specific “Financial Aid” for international students here at VIU. However, Scholarships and Awards administered through the Financial Aid and Awards Office may be open to you. 

To be considered for VIU's awards, you must complete your on-line "scholarship/award/bursary profile", which is located in your student record on the left side menu. 

3. Government of Canada’s web page on Scholarships for International Students for external sources of funding for which you may be eligible.

4. Early Childhood Education (ECE) students: International students are also eligible for bursaries and need to provide proof of BC residency.

5. Global Affairs Canada Explore this database by country of origin to find scholarships, fellowships or funding opportunities made available by Canadian federal government departments.

6.Top Ten Scholarships in Canada for International has compiled links to full and partial scholarships in Canada for international students.

7. is a website that compiles many scholarships, student awards and bursaries. It also has a good list of tips on applying for these opportunities.

Fees, Deferrals, & Refund Policies for International Students at VIU

See Fees, Deferrals, & Refund Policies for full details.