Medical Insurance - Short Term Programs

Medical Insurance information for international students participating in a short-term Language and Culture Programs, Group English as a Second Language (ESL) program (7 weeks or less) or a short-term Custom Group Program. 

Insurance Providers International Insurance

How to Apply

Short-term students are automatically enrolled in at VIU Health Insurance.

Group students are enrolled as per partnership agreements.

Type of Coverage at VIU is a short term primary medical insurance coverage for items such as: Medically required doctor and hospital visits, lab test, x-rays, ambulance, taxi to/from clinic or hospital, prescriptions, paramedical services, eye exams, accidental dental, family transportation and emergency return home, and more. You can view your coverage online at International Medical Insurance

Coverage Period

You will be covered for the period of your short-term program at VIU. Your insurance policy will be emailed to you before classes begin; check your email for specific dates.

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More Information

Your ID Card and policy number will be sent to you via email before the start of classes. It will include your policy number, coverage details and start and end dates. Be sure to print it as soon as you receive it. If you do not receive your card check your spam box. If it is not there, please contact VIU or go to International Medical Insurance.