Culture Collage in action

Program Development Grant Reports

VIU faculty and staff are supported by the Global Engagement Program Development Grant in their development of curriculum and university programming that is international in nature and provides students with the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to perform effectively in an international and inter-cultural environment. Check out some past reports to see how this grant has been utilized and inspire your own work! 


Ali White2019International EducationDeveloping the Culture Collage program to enhance intercultural learning and awareness among VIU students, faculty, and local Grade 3 students.

Culture Collage  - A. White

Terri Spronk2014Social WorkRevised and enhanced curriculum in two distinct programs within the Social Work department in order to meet program goals of increasing cultural awareness capacity and enhancing cultural competencies among students.

Social Work Cultural Sensitivity Project - T. Spronk 

Terri Spronk2013Child & Youth CareIncreased student awareness and preparedness for practice in a multi-cultural environment through implementation of the cultural sensitivity model framework and curriculum changes that were created in a prior phase of the project.

Child and Youth Care Cultural Sensitivity Project (Phase II) - T. Spronk

Terri Spronk2012Child & Youth Care Revised and enhanced Child & Youth Care curriculum in order to meet program goals of increasing cultural awareness and cultural competence among students. 

Child and Youth Care Cultural Sensitivity Project (Phase I) - T. Spronk


Helene Demers2011AnthropologyEmphasized cross-cultural understanding and shared humanity through the presentation of stories, music and films as part of "Scene and Heard SCORED" performed by the Puente Theater.

Scene and Heard Scored - H. Demers


Katharina Rout2011EnglishPurchased books for English 415 course on Modern Arabic Fiction.

 English 415 - K. Rout


Caroline Burnley2011 Built an understanding of the contextual nature of resiliency by investigating how children, who have been orphaned due to AIDS, and their grandmothers are managing not only to survive but to thrive under conditions of poverty and stigma and assisted in development of recommendations on the current needs of these grandmothers and their families.

Grandmothers' Resilience in Uganda - C. Burnley




Culture Collage

"There is no final destination for intercultural competency, but if I dedicate myself to continuous learning and remain open, curious, and receptive to new ideas and difference, then I hope to have continued growth as an empathetic and adaptable human."

                    - Ali White, Program Development Grant recipient