International Work Opportunity Grant Reports

VIU faculty and staff have been out in the world developing their intercultural competency and expanding their workplace skill sets through high quality international workplace-based experiences supported by VIU's Global Engagement International Work Opportunity Grant. Check out some reports from past participants and see how you might get involved!


Kathleen Bortolin2019Centre for Innovation & Excellence in LearningTraveled to Kenya to support Kisii National Polytechnic in developing its emerging Center for Teaching and Learning.

International Work Opportunity Report - K. Bortolin

Robin Davies2019Media StudiesProduced gender-sensitive video content for use in the promotion of new programs jointly developed by VIU and participants in two of VIU's International Cooperation Projects in Kenya and Tanzania.

International Work Opportunity Report - R. Davies

Michael Govorov2019GeographyAssisted in establishing the University of Belize Certificate Program in GIS, and formed working academic relationships between VIU and MGISA/ADGISA programs and UB CGIS. International Work Opportunity Report - M. Govorov
Jennifer Mitchell2019International Education (THS)Participated in a Leave for Change (now named WUSC Corporate Volunteer Program) work-place volunteer placement working with an organization that supports youth.  Gained skills and experiences that are transferable to interactions with VIU high school students. 
Dean Cadieux2019Faculty of Trades (Automotive)Taught alongside YTEPP's Automotive Instructors in T&T to enhance delivery of C-BET facilitation/instruction by sharing resources and best-practices, enhancing existing training plans, and providing collaborative support. 
Tracy Vandermolen2018International EducationParticipated in a Leave for Change (now named WUSC Corporate Volunteer Program) work-place volunteer placement, providing environmental awareness training and resources to reduce single-use plastics in the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

International Work Opportunity Report - T. Vandermolen

VIU GE International Work Opportunity

"I've returned to VIU with more confidence in my professional skills, a renewed commitment to my environmental values, and greater empathy for the experience of our international students."

- Tracy Vandermolen, International Work Opportunity Grant Recipient