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Internationalizing the Curriculum

Teaching Resources for the International Classroom

Internationalizing the Curriculum

The approach that we have taken to Internationalizing the curriculum involves the recognition that there are three dimensions to internationalization that must be addressed through an integrated approach to course design, development and delivery:

  • A focus on learning about the ‘self’ that teaches individual values, assumptions, experience and philosophy.
  • A focus on the intercultural dimensions of curriculum delivery and classroom dynamics.
  • A focus on adding international dimensions and intercultural components to the course design and content.

“When universities implement internationalization strategies, they must be ‘all pervasive’ for the institution. And they must, above all, instill in the minds of the people involved that engaging in internationalization means entering a consciousness in which one is prepared to shift easily for the position of teacher to learner and back. So that one can never be sure if one is ‘in the show’ or simply watching it” (Steiner, 2000, p. 68).