KEFEP Project

International Volunteer Opportunties for Faculty and Staff

CUSO International

  • CUSO International promotes sustainable development through international volunteering. Our volunteers come from many professional and personal backgrounds, from many ages, and from across Canada and the United States as well as from many of the Southern countries in which we work. We work with developing world organizations and governments to identify areas of greatest need, and then collaboratively develop strategic volunteer positions. Volunteers work with overseas partner groups on locally and nationally managed projects. This way, the benefits of their work continue to be felt by local people long after the volunteers have passed on their skills and returned home.

Academics Without Borders

  • Academics for Higher Education and Development (AHED) — actively works to promote development in developing countries by assisting them in improving and  expanding higher education. Our volunteers work on projects that foster the skills and expertise needed for health care, education, agriculture, infrastructure, business, and more. We work in all disciplines and areas of instruction.


  • Established in 1996, CANADEM is a non-profit agency dedicated to advancing international peace and security through the rostering, rapid mobilization, and mission management of experts committed to international service

Nyaka AIDS Foundation (Uganda)

  • Jackson Kaguri, the founder and Executive Director of Nyaka, visited VIU during International Development Week in 2010. His schools offer free education to the poorest children in their communities – all of whom are orphans, and most of whom are cared for by grandmothers. Nyaka has introduced a series of community services and programmes – including farming, library services, health visits, water and sanitation, housing, and nutritional counselling and support – in the knowledge that children cannot thrive in a community that is struggling.