KEFEP Project

Intercultural Resources


  1. Libguide: Intercultural Learning for Campus Internationalization: A collection of articles and books hosted by the VIU Library.  If you have suggests for additional resources to include please contact


2. Intercultural Communication Institute Selected Bibliography: Based in Portland Oregon, this organization is home to the largest library of literature in the intercultural field.  A bibliography is posted on their website.


3. In their small library the Center for Innovation and Excellence in Learning at VIU has several titles relating specifically to intercultural learning and teaching.


  1. Cultural Detective
    • Great Blog that can sometimes be used as non-academic reading for students.

     2. Thiagi

    • A Gold Mine of interactive activities and frame games that can be used to increase the ability of students to retain information and participate in class.

     3. Center for Intercultural Learning Country Insights

    • Provides information on cultural norms of different national cultures from the perspective of a Canadian expatriate and a National of that country.

     4. Making Thinking Visible - Harvard University 

    • Scroll down to the bottom of the linked page to find several "routines": activities designed to engage students in examine why they think what they think.


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1.  Diversity and Inclusion How does Higher-Ed Rate? Ahmer Ahmed

    • Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast



1.   What Helps Me Learn

    • Stories from VIU International Students

2.  Culturally Diverse Learners

    • Dramatizations of everyday happenings in an classroom with culturally diverse learners

3.  My Name My Identity

    • VIU students share the stories behind their names and give tips on how to pronounce them

4.  The Danger of a Single Story

    • TED Talk by Nigerian Writer Chimamanda Adichie

5.  The Monotone Piano 

    • Metaphor for the benefits of diversity

6. Ash Beckham, So Gay

    • Stereotypes, how words hurt, how to respond to prejudice and discrimination

7.  Sheena Iyengar: The Art of Choosing

    • TED talk that looks at the intersections of interculturalism and neroscience

8.  Brene Brown: Empathy

    • What is empathy and how it is different from sympathy



When it comes to intercultural learning and teaching connecting with colleagues and peers who are also interested in this work is VERY helpful. 

To find out who on or off campus may be the most relevant contact for you please contact: