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Intercultural Training & Development Workshop Menu

This "menu" is a list of workshops that have been developed and facilitated for VIU Students, Faculty and Staff in the past 2 years. Some of these workshops are offered during employee orientation in August,  some are offered after the exam period in the spring semester (See the InVIU Calender for currently scheduled sessions for faculty and staff). More often though,  these workshop are run on a by request basis. Custom workshops or Training & Development opportunities can also be designed and facilitated.  intercultural_and_diversity_training_offerings_-_intercultural_learning_and_support.pdf

For more information or to discuss possibilities please contact the Coordinator for Intercultural Learning and Support: 

Global Engagement Grants

These grants are designed to support VIU faculty and staff in their own efforts that contribute to the internationalization of VIU. There are three types of grants available; Travel Grants, Program Development Grants, and International Work Opportunity Grants. Built into each grant is the opportunity to explore personal goals in regards to intercultural learning that may be achieved through the individuals participation in the global engagement grants program. Application deadlines are September 30th, January 31 and April 30th . For more information please visit:

Na'tsa'maht Shqwaluwun, One Heart, One Mind

This is professional development offered through the Office of Aboriginal Education and Engagement at VIU. We highly recommend any of the sessions offered to anyone interested in intercultural learning & teaching. For more information visit: .

Indigenous Perspectives Student Dialogues

The Office of Aboriginal Education and Engagement, along with the Centre for Innovation and Excellence and Learning and International Education are interested in engaging students as partners in a teaching, learning and leadership capacity. In particular, we are interested in furthering awareness and understanding of, as well as generating ideas about, VIU’s graduate attribute: Indigenous Perspective.  How will faculty, staff and students integrate this attribute meaningfully into our curricula, our spaces, our culture?  We want to invite students into this dialogue intentionally, supporting them as co-designers and partners, in pursuing the meaning of Indigenous Perspectives at VIU.   students_as_partners_invitation.pdf