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Global Engagement

Global Engagement is Internationalization in action! Making education international in vision and practice is one of the most powerful educational and community-Building movements in universities and colleges around the world. Internationalization sparks innovation and creativity in individuals and communities.

VIU is committed to a dynamic process of internationalization designed to bring new perspectives, fresh ideas, new skills and relevant competencies into our classrooms and our communities. At VIU’s campuses we strive to offer rich and varied opportunities to all students to become cross-culturally competent and well prepared for global citizenship.



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International Cooperation Projects

Faculty and students at Vancouver Island University are actively engaged in international cooperation projects in regions around the world. For a full list of active projects and ongoing partnerships, follow the link below.

On-Campus Engagement

VIU is proud to host annual events such as WorldVIU Days and Global Citizens Week, and support student programs and clubs providing opportunities for everyone in the VIU community to foster their sense of global citizenship and get active in their local and global communities.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Vancouver Island University is committed to supporting curriculum and university programming that is international in nature and provides students with the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to perform in an international and inter-cultural environment. We are thrilled to support this goal by providing resources such as Global Engagement Grants, support for Visiting Scholars, and guidance on developing Education Abroad programs.

Intercultural Learning and Teaching

Interested in beginning or continuing to develop your practice as an educator in an intercultural setting? Enhance your knowledge of Intercultural Pedagogy by exploring topics such as Intercultural Perspective, Professional Development, Promising Practices and Resources.

Upcoming Events

Event Date Title Body Location Event Time
Global Citizens Week Kickoff

Join us in starting the week off in a good way. A celebration of global development and social justice activities taking place at VIU, and how to get involved.

Building 300 (Upper Cafeteria)

11:30am to 1:00pm
Medical Assistance in Dying: Global Perspectives

1-2:30 pm

B310 (Malaspina Theatre)

12:00pm to 2:30pm
Engaged Citizens Speaker Series: On the Brink: Herring and the Health of the Salish Sea

What does the future hold for the Salish Sea in a time of climate change?

B310 (Malaspina Theatre) & Zoom

6:30pm to 8:00pm
Confronting Climate Change: An International Conference of the Parties Simulation

Join this fun and interactive world climate simulation, a role-playing exercise that uses an interactive computer model to rapidly analyze the results of mock-negotiations among international delegations, climate activists, and the fossil fuel ind

Building 355, Room 211

9:30am to 11:30am
Live Group Reading: Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega

Watch history come to life in this live group reading! Fuenteovejuna, written by Lope de Vega in the Golden Age of Spain, is the story of an uprising of extraordinarily courageous villagers against the abuses of their feudal lords and monar

B310 (Malaspina Theatre Lobby)

10:00am to 11:30am
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