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AHED Roster


AHED welcomes applications from working and retired faculty, staff, and administrators of universities and colleges throughout the world, as well as non–academic professionals who wish to volunteer for our capacity Building projects. All expenses of our volunteers are covered.

Creating a VIU Roster for AHED

As David Robinson has shared with us in earlier email communications, AHED is looking for academics who are interested in participating in project work (specific capacity Building projects identified by AHED) overseas. For more information see the AHED website.

VIU Academics Without Borders are looking to create a roster of academics at VIU who are interested in volunteering with AHED. These would be people who say that they would like to go on a posting, but for which there currently is no posting available for someone with their expertise. The VIU roster would be added to AHED’s nation-wide universities roster, which would be used for attracting funding to cover faculty placement expenses.

Individuals who submit their names indicating an interest in overseas capacity-Building work, will be put on a VIU AHED Roster. As opportunities come up, AHED will refer to the list for potential candidates to undertake specific project work. You will not be under any obligation to participate.

If you wish to submit your name to the roster, please send the following information to Mackenzie Sillem

  1. Your name
  2. Email address, and
  3. A brief outline of your academic/work interests/skills (one paragraph at most).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to connect directly with David Robinson or myself and we will endeavour to get your questions answered.

Thanks for your attention to this request and your potential interest in this important work.


Linda McDonell
Instructor, Early Childhood Education & Care
Health Sciences and Human Services
Vancouver Island University
900 Fifth Street
Nanaimo, BC Canada
Telephone: 250-740-6267
FAX: 250-740-6466