Surabaya, Indonesia 2015

For Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Care, Nursing and Social Services students


  • mid-May to mid-June, 2015 (actual dates not confirmed yet but it will be one month abroad)

Program Overview

  • Please, contact Sheila Grieve, if you are interested in joining this field school.
  • The Early Childhood Education & Care, Child & Youth Care, Nursing and Social Services programs at VIU, together with the faculties of Psychology and English (Teacher Training) at Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University in Indonesia, are working together to create relevant practical experiences for Canadian students interested in overseas practicum and work placement opportunities.  2007 student blog

Placement Sites

  • During your four week stay in Surabaya you will attend placements four days per week, as well as participate in weekly seminars. When possible, you will be partnered with Indonesian students in the placements. The following are possible placements sites: 

    1. Pondok Hayat is a home for single women who are pregnant and/or new mothers. This facility provides temporary shelter and care for the clientele. In past years students provided activities and support to both the mothers and the children.
    2.  Don Bosco is an orphanage and day-care centre. This facility is funded by the Roman Catholic Church and the placement will provide opportunities to work in the orphanage with infants and/or toddlers and in the community day care centre with pre-schoolers.
    3. Widja Mendella Childcare is located beside one of the University’s campuses. It is similar to childcare centers found in Canada in terms of structure and philosophy  but has a unique, Indonesian flair that reflects the culture and beliefs of  the families whose children attend the center.
    4. Merah Merdeka is a small community program run by people who are concerned about children that live in poverty. They work with children from poor families and street children in Surabaya, by providing a place for children to come in the evenings to play and get help with their homework. Workers also educate families about children’s rights. Many children in Indonesia leave school once they are 12; girls to get married, boys to work. Merah Merdeka is trying to change that thru educations and family support.

    5. Kampung Kidz, in Batu (Malang), is a live in high school for teens from all over Indonesia who are orphans or come from a family living in poverty; teens that would otherwise not be able to attend school. At Kampung Kidz the teens attend regular high school classes and take business courses as well. Part of the business courses are practical activities such as running a restaurant or children’s adventures on the weekend.

    Cost for 2015

  • The cost of the tour to Indonesia is expected to be around $4,500, based on a minimum group of 6 students. The actual cost may change due to currency exchange rates, the cost of the flights and final number of students. Of the total cost, $750 will be paid directly to VIU and will cover: 

    1. Program-related transportation within Surabaya;
    2. Program operational costs (subsidized through VIU funding);
    3. Indonesian visa.
  • Students should budget approximately $2,700 -$4,200 to cover these expenses:
  1. Return air travel from Nanaimo to Surabaya, Indonesia (est. $1400 - $2200);
  2. Insurance: out-of-country medical insurance is required (no extra cost for students covered by VIU extended medical; approx. $50 for others) and flight cancellation/interruption insurance is highly recommended and must be purchased at the time you purchase your flight;
  3. Passport ($120 - $180 if you need a new one);
  4. Immunizations (make an appointment with the Travel Clinic to determine what you need (Nanaimo: 250-740-6940);
  5. Meals, enroute to Indonesia and within Indonesia (depends on how you eat, but estimate $10 per day while in Indonesia - $300);
  6. Airport fees (est. $20);
  7. Travel costs (weekend trips) will depend on what you do. This travel is optional but all students will be encouraged to participate and should budget at least $750 (includes a trip to Bali);
  8. Accommodation (estimated to be around $16 per night per room with 2 people per room, $32 in single rooms - $480 - $960);
  9. Gifts ($20) - It is traditional in Indonesia as in many other cultures to show gratitude for your host's hospitality by giving small gifts.
  10. Tips ($25 - $50) - Tips are not as generous in Surabaya as in Canada. However, wages are very low in the service industries so small tips are welcomed;
  11. Personal spending money.
  12. Tuition fees for 3 credit course - tuition & student/activity fees for a 3-credit course (elective or practicum).

Application Procedure

Expression of Interest due November 5, 2014. Complete the Expression of Interest form and email to

Students accepted into the Indonesia field school will be notified by November 11 and then must submit a completed application package by January 23, 2015.

A completed application package consists of the following and needs to be submitted to the Education Abroad office in Building 255:

Travel Information

  • Is it safe? Foreign Affairs Canada advises against non-essential travel to Indonesia, including Bali. This is the same level of travel warning that has been in place for a few years. The area that our program takes place in has not experienced problems but we advise everyone to read the full travel report before making a decision: Country Travel Report for Indonesia
  • Are immunizations required? Make an appointment with the Travel Clinic (Nanaimo: 250-740-6940).
  • Passport? You must have a valid passport good for six months after your return. Apply for a Canadian passport or pick up an application at any Canada Post office. Don't delay in applying for or renewing your passport once your participate in the field school has been confirmed. If you are not be travelling on a Canadian passport, please talk with Jennifer Sills in the Education Abroad office.
  • Read the Cancellation and Refund Policy attached to your application package.

Visa Information

Information on obtaining a visa for Indonesia

Payments and Refund Policy

Deposit $500January 23 . The deposit may be made with: cash, personal cheque, money order or debit card.
Airplane Ticket TBAJanuary or February 2015
Final PaymentBalanceMarch 25, 2015. The final payment may be made with: cash or debit card.


Financial Assistance

International Education Stipend

  • The International Education Department at VIU encourages Education Abroad by providing eligible students with an International Education Stipend of $350.

Education Abroad Scholarships

  • New scholarships have been created for students accepted into a VIU Education Abroad program (an exchange, field school, internship or practicum overseas.