Exchange Agent Application

Join the Exchange Agent team

Take your Exchange experience to another level!

Through presentations, events and promotional activities, Exchange Agents share their international experiences and support other VIU students in studying abroad on exchange!  Participation in the program includes:

  • Training & monthly meetings /professional development sessions (attendance is required).
  • A place to share your experiences and adventures from abroad with like-minded, globally engaged students.
  •  The opportunity to enrich intercultural skills gained from studying abroad.
  • Recognition on the Co-Curricular Record (recognized activity).
  • A flexible list of engagement activities & the opportunity contribute creative ideas.
  • $750 stipend upon completion of activities.

Agent Activities

Activities performed by Exchange Agents, in order to receive the $750 stipend:

  • Attendance at training & monthly meetings to connect with other Exchange Agents
  • 4 x In-Person Presentations (Classroom presentations and/or Interactive information booths)
  • 1 x Social Media Project
  • 4 - 5 x Engagement Activities


If you've received an invite to apply to this program, please review the required training & meeting dates and ensure you can meet the commitment requirements.  We look forward to receiving your application!

For more information, see the Exchange Agent webpage or contact us at

To be eligible for the Exchange Agent stipend you must meet all criteria listed below (Please check off all that apply to you).