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Four units is a full time load for 1 trimester. You cannot study in different cities so the units you choose must be offered at campuses in the same city:

  • (B) = Melbourne campus at Burwood
  • (G) = Geelong campus at Waurn Ponds
  • (W) = Warrnambool campus
  • (S) = Geelong Waterfront campus
  • (X) = off campus and not available to exchange


For Arts units enter A into the search function, M for Business and Law, S for Science and Technology, E for Education and H for Health and Behavioral Sciences.

Codes for Subject Areas

Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology ASS
Arabic AIB
Asian Studies AIE, ASP, AIH
Australian Studies AIA, AIH, AIE, ASC, AIP, SQA, ALL
Chinese AIC
Criminology ASL, ASC, MLP
Dance ACD
Drama ACP
Film and Video ACM
Gender Studies ASW, ASC, AIH, ASL,
Graphic Arts ACG
History AIH
Imaging Arts ACF
Indonesian AIF
International Development Studies ASS, AID
International Relations AIH, AIR
Journalism ALJ
Linguistics ALG
Literary Studies ALL
Media and Communication ALC, ASC. AAM, ALR
Middle Eastern Language and Culture Studies AIB, AIE
Philosophy ASP
Photography ACM
Politics and Policy Studies AIP, ALR
Public Relations ALR
Sociology ASC,
Visual Arts ACV
Visual Theory ACH

Bachelor of Commerce

Accounting MAA
Business Systems Implementation MSC
Business Systems Management MSC, MSQ
Commercial Law MLL, MLC
Economics MAE
Electronic Commerce Implementation MCS
Electronic Commerce Management MSC, MSQ
Finance MAF
Financial Planning MAF, MLC
Human Resource Management MMH, MLC
Information Business Systems MSC, MSQ
International Business MAE, MSC, MMM. MMK
International Trade MAE
Management MMM
Marketing MMK
Quantitative Business Analysis MSQ, MAF
Sport Economics MMS, MAE, MSQ
Sport Management MMS, MLC

Business internship program

The Bachelor of Commerce incorporates a business internship program which provides students with a realistic business experience in their area of specialisation. Two 1-credit-point units, available to final-year students, have been developed to provide experiential learning opportunities which foster the development of practical capabilities and enhance employment prospects for graduates. These units complement each major area of study and are available on all campuses and off campus.
MMI301, MMI302

Health and Behavioral Sciences

Exercise and Sport Science HBS, HSE
Food Science and Nutrition HBS, HSN
Sport Coaching HBS, HSE
Social Work HSW
Nursing HNN, HBS
Disability Studies HDS
Exercise Behaviour HBS
Exercise Science HSE
Family, Society and Health HSH
Food Studies HSN
Health Promotion HBS, HSH
Nutrition HSN
Psychology HPS

Science and Technology

Biology SBB
Chemistry SBC
Computer Science SIT
Earth Science (geology) SQE
Fisheries Management and Aquaculture (also ecology) SQA, SQP, SQB, SQE
Information Systems SCC
Mathematical Modelling SIT
Technology SEB, SEP, SEE, SEM, SED, SEJ