Exchange from the Inside

Hi, my name is Benett Zawasky and this summer I will be one of the exchange agents volunteering for the education abroad program at VIU.

I am a third-year psychology major/sociology minor that just recently attended the University of Hertfordshire for the Spring 2020 semester. While I was away on exchange, I was able to do a bit of travel before the school semester, seeing the cities of Munich and Prague and while in the UK I managed to do quite a few weekend trips around England.

The semester was a really fun experience where I was able to experience a lot of new things and meet new people! This summer I am planning on contributing a few blog posts that will cover my personal experiences of exchange, how they impacted me, and an inside look at University of Hertfordshire.

Hopefully these posts will be helpful to any future students planning on participating in this awesome program.

- Benett Zawasky, 3rd Year BA Psyc

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