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 Why Education Abroad?

Student mobility programs help to prepare VIU graduates for an increasingly interconnected world.

Students who participate in Education Abroad opportunities report higher motivation for learning, stronger interpersonal and intercultural skills with peers and faculty, a greater sense of global citizenship and more confidence in pursuing their chosen career path in a competitive global economy.

Where your learning takes flight!

We take pride in our connection to the world, and the contributions that Vancouver Island University students and faculty make at home and abroad.

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"I got the opportunity of a lifetime to attend Hogeschool University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht - a small town just 30 minutes from the heart of Amsterdam. [...] I found that whether you’re walking the streets of Utrecht, eating fries in a cone in The Hague, or cycling the streets of Rotterdam, everyday was a new adventure that I did not expect when I first chose my host country." - Kaitlyn Kopp, Exchange to the Netherlands, 2018

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The Education Abroad Office has cancelled all drop-in sessions for the foreseeable future. Please contact us at regarding our programming.


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