Global Engagement

The Rooms Where It Happened: Practicing Public History at Victoria’s House Museum Arts and Humanities Colloquium Series

Completed in 1862, Point Ellice House is now a Provincial and National Historic site, a place where visitors are encouraged to draw connections between the everyday life of a privileged Victoria family and the work of settler colonialism. Dr. Kelly Black, Executive Director at Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens and Adjunct Professor in the Department of History, will explain how Point Ellice House is working to update and overhaul its narratives and displays to bring attention to the relationships that sustain(ed) dispossession, people, power, and privilege.

Anti-Discrimination First Aid

Skills for responding to situations that involve racism and other forms of discrimination are similar to First Aid skills for responding to any sort of emergency. Join this Inclusive Leadership workshop to learn how you can respond effectively to incidents of discrimination.

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Hosted by Faculty of International Education (International Student Services) and Faculty of Education

Winter GoByBike Day

February 12th is the International Winter Bike to Work Day and the GoByBike BC Society is encouraging British Columbians to join in by registering and committing to riding their bike as much as possible. Ride your bike to work, to school, for fun, for exercise, to stretch your legs between Zoom meetings, to relieve stress, to clear your mind, to reduce your carbon footprint ... no matter the reason, just ride your bike on February 12!

VIU Gustafson Distinguished Poet Lecture: Lillian Allen

Canadian poet Lillian Allen, the “godmother of dub,” has been chosen as VIU's 2020-21 Gustafson Distinguished Poet. Hear from this two-time JUNO Award winner and trailblazer in the field of spoken word and dub poetry as she artistically explores the aesthetics of old and new sounds in music to create her distinctive leading-edge brand of Canadian reggae and powerful reggae dub poetry/spoken word recordings.

Is This Park Too Busy? Multicultural Perspectives on Perceived Crowding in Parks and Protected Areas

British Columbia’s outstanding natural and cultural heritage offer a unique opportunity to residents as well as domestic and international visitors to engage in outdoor and backcountry recreation. The unleashed increase of overnight visits and day-use activities, however, jeopardize the quality of visitors’ experience, as well as the ecological and cultural integrity of the parks. This presentation showcases the application of different psychological carrying capacity analysis techniques in multicultural contexts.

Embracing the Circle of Health: A Tool for Equity

The "Circle of Health" was first created in 1996, as a transformative holistic model for population health promotion and grassroots community development initiatives, in Canada; it is now used internationally. This session will provide participants with an introduction to "The Circle of Health" with Patsy Beattie-Huggan, with discussion to follow in how this framework can guide meaningful dialogue and partnerships with structurally marginalized groups.

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Dr. Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S. - Telecommunication and Relevant Discussions with International Students

The TARDIS allows you to telecommunicate with international students from many different countries. Join via Zoom and you will be able to ask questions, chat with your fellow global citizens and discover what connects us!

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Hosted by Faculty of International Education (English Language Centre and International Student Services)

This event is part of VIU’s celebration of Global Citizens Week.