Global Engagement

Live Group Reading: Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega

Watch history come to life in this live group reading! Fuenteovejuna, written by Lope de Vega in the Golden Age of Spain, is the story of an uprising of extraordinarily courageous villagers against the abuses of their feudal lords and monarchs. When the people prevail in their social conflict against their violent masters, they prove that there’s power in numbers, in solidarity, and in love. 

Hosted by Theatre

Confronting Climate Change: An International Conference of the Parties Simulation

Join this fun and interactive world climate simulation, a role-playing exercise that uses an interactive computer model to rapidly analyze the results of mock-negotiations among international delegations, climate activists, and the fossil fuel industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Join delegations of the US, China, India, the European Union, climate activists, or the fossil fuel lobby to simulate a Conference of Parties to negotiate greenhouse gas emissions.

Hosted by Global Studies

Engaged Citizens Speaker Series: On the Brink: Herring and the Health of the Salish Sea

What does the future hold for the Salish Sea in a time of climate change? Humpback whale and Pacific white-sided dolphin populations are increasing; however, Pacific herring – a cornerstone species for all marine biodiversity – are on the verge of collapse. The latest edition of the Engaged Citizens Speaker Series looks at the future of the Salish Sea and importance of protecting Pacific herring. Bryce Casavant, Director of Conservation Intelligence at the environmental charity Pacific Wild Alliance, is our featured speaker.

Medical Assistance in Dying: Global Perspectives

1-2:30 pm

Many countries across the globe, including Canada, have legalized medical assistance in dying (MAiD). During this event, a panel of experts from jurisdictions around the world that have legalized some form of MAiD will share their experiences. The panel will explore legislative criteria required to access MAiD, ethical challenges, as well as social justice-related concerns.

Hosted by Nursing

Global Citizens Week Kickoff

Join us in starting the week off in a good way. A celebration of global development and social justice activities taking place at VIU, and how to get involved. Featuring music, VIU-WUSC Student Refugee Program photo exhibit, free coffee, and treats! 

Hosted by International Education

Global Citizens Week