Student Services

Working in Canada

We will review international students work permits and authorization while they study in Canada. On or Off campus work authorizations, Coop, internships, practicums and field work. What are the specific criteria? Let’s also review spousal work permits, Leave of Absences and importance of these rules.

Off-Campus Housing Workshop 3: During a Tenancy: ‘Privacy and Security Rights and Ending a Tenancy Early’

Have you found somewhere to live but are having problems? Common issues with private rentals include deposits, security and privacy from a landlord. You may also be thinking about moving out before your contract ends. Your landlord might even be asking you to leave. If you are having any issues with your ongoing tenancy, please join our free workshop and Q&A session. 

House Hunting & First-Time Renting Workshop

Are you struggling to find somewhere to rent in Nanaimo? Don’t panic - you’re not alone!  International Education is giving a free 45-minute workshop on searching for accommodation. We’ll look at maximizing your options and boosting your profile in a challenging market. You'll learn about some practical aspects of starting a tenancy in BC, such as viewings, contracts, and costs. We’ll also invite you to share experiences and maybe team up with future roommates.