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Creating Connection - Sponsor Benefits

WorldVIU Days provides our generous sponsors with a sound partnership that has a strong history and has the opportunity to be developed over time. As an established annual week-long event, our baseline formula of student-led events and engagement activities has proven to be successful, and we look forward to continued growth and new ideas for future years.

Sponsors will also benefit from direct exposure to 2,000+ active participants, with coverage in 30+ different events over 5 days.  Promotion extends our activities to an online community, and overall there are many sites for exposure to a range of audience members, including faculty, staff, students and the larger community.


Gold Sponsor   $7,000

  • Promotion of sponsorship through press release, media interviews, and WorldVIU Social Media Platforms: Facebook & Twitter (22,000+ )   
  • Promotion of sponsorship through digital communications to VIU audience (18,000+) students, faculty & staff
  • Branding of specific events.
  • Logo on event web page + print and digital signage, including WorldVIU Stage
  • Verbal mention in kick-off event, keynote address, film screenings, each Intercultural Hip Hop Forum Event and festival          
  • Access to all public sessions and events        
  • Opportunity to place promotional items or inserts in prize package          
  • Reserved seating at keynote address for staff & clients (15 seats) 
  • Reserved seating at festival for staff & clients (15 seats)      
  • Opportunities for staff involvement at kick-off event and festival 
  • Private lunch event with selected students

Entertainment Sponsor   $5,000

  • Logo included on WorldVIU Stage signage and recognition at lunchtime concerts, film screening, kick-off event and festival
  • Reserved seating at festival for staff & clients (10 seats)      
  • Reserved seating at film screening & keynote events for staff & clients (10 seats)       
  • Opportunity to place giveaway or insert in prize package 


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