Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing is independent living environment, including options for students coming to Nanaimo with their family. The housing market in Nanaimo can be a bit of a challenge to navigate. While there are various types of accommodation to choose from, like single unit apartments, secondary suits, condos, or even private homestays; it may take some time searching for the perfect new home. There are many platforms to look for off-campus housing options:

Please be aware that off-campus accommodation options are not verified by VIU for quality or legitimacy, and that any private accommodation is solely the renter’s responsibility. VIU is not a party in any off-campus housing agreements. The student must read the agreement carefully, understand the terms, and be fully responsible for the terms of agreement, before they sign any documentation. The Government of BC has a fact sheet that outlines your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Renting it Right If you are interested in learning more about finding the right place for you, and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, Renting it Right is a free online course that can help guide you throughout the process of finding off-campus accommodation.

Finding a Place to Live This FREE  workshop is facilitated by staff in the Faculty of International Education.  You will learn the do’s and don’ts of apartment hunting, how to find what you are looking for… what the adverts mean, how to inspect a potential accommodation choice, the general rules of tenancy and when they apply/when they do not, where to get assistance, etc. We will also make suggestions on how to live with roommates more effectively and deal with problems should they arise. Sign up online for a session date and time that works for you. Email for questions.

Alternate short term and long term options for student housing off campus are:

·         Greatwest Student Residences
·         Painted Turtle Guesthouse
·         Waterfront Suites & Marina
·         Travelodge

Please be aware that VIU takes no responsibility for the quality or accuracy of any off-campus accommodation. Be sure to fully understand any contract before you sign it and ensure each person has copies of all written documents.

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