Anthropology and Geography Field School to China 2019

Program Overview
Field School Dates: May 7 - 24, 2019 (Tentative)

Living on Vancouver Island, many are not so aware of the impact of Asia (the East) upon North America (the West), except perhaps in the context of the large international student contingent from East Asia.  There has been contact between the continents over centuries through people, trade, and ideas.  By visiting locales closer to home (Vancouver, Richmond), students will be introduced to some of these connections evident in the landscape, the people, and food culture.  When in China, whether China proper or its special administrative regions (SAR), i.e., Macau and Hong Kong, those associations found in Canada will become even more apparent and vice versa.  If not for the East, where would our tea drinking habit be or even the colonisation of North America by ‘explorers’ seeking a trade route to Asia?  Through travel, students have a unique opportunity to study by direct experience; in addition to learning through the usual complementary written resources.

Students are expected to actively participate in all scheduled activities and engage in discussions directed by their instructor(s) and/or with local guides.

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