Risa Meura

Risa Meura

Ishikawa, Japan
Business English and Academic Preparation 5 and Expo

It was such a memorable experience to study at VIU’s English Language Centre. I loved taking ESL class because it was not only about studying English, but also about learning different cultures from other classmates, which was really interesting. I had many things to absorb from them. Since they apply small-class teaching, the distance between teachers and students is close. I felt the teachers were very friendly and welcoming.It was very hard for me to graduate from AP5 because we had a strong bond among all the classmates and the teacher.

At the semester celebration, I played the guitar with my two Chinese friends, and I am so glad that I performed it because it was one of my dreams to play the guitar with international friends. It is quite amazing how various the opportunities are that you can have by learning English. I am very grateful to everyone I met here for those irreplaceable memories.

(ESL, Business English, Expo – April to December 2017)

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