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Each semester the Faculty of International Education provide a specialized International Student Orientation (ISO), known as Smooth Sailing.  Also, we offer workshops, activities and day trips to help our arriving students in undergraduate & graduate programs get connected with peers, feel at home on campus and settled in the community.

All incoming international students in undergraduate and graduate programs at VIU are invited and expected to attend Smooth Sailing: International Student Orientation.  This includes students transitioning from English language studies in Canada, as well as exchange and study abroad students. 

Please note, if you are starting in the English Language Centre (ELC), please visit the ELC Orientation webpage for more information about that orientation program: ELC Orientation.

Smooth Sailing: International Student Orientation F2020 - Click Event Full Schedule

Intended for new international students attending VIU in Fall semester. 

Topics to be covered include academic & immigration information, scholarships, important dates, and health and safety.

Our Smooth Sailing - International Student Orientation began with the International Student Orientation Welcome on Saturday, August 29. You can watch the recording here.

This is your opportunity to connect with other international students from around the world and learn about VIU Services, and upcoming orientation programming with events running from August 29th until October 2020. It is a great way to start your first semester off in the right direction.

Please Register for the International Student Orientation Welcome  through the following ZOOM link:

Smooth Sailing will be taking place over Zoom, so please ensure that you have downloaded the application on your device or computer prior to August 29th, 2020. Zoom application is FREE for all students. For more information on how to download Zoom follow this link.

To see photos from our last orientation visit our Facebook page:

Housing Options 

Please explore your housing options from the following link 

Nanaimo Airporter

Nanaimo Airporter is a van service from Departure Bay, Gabriola and Duke Point Ferry terminals as well as the Nanaimo airport.

You can access their Booking on-line or call 1-888-758-2133. When booking online add "VIU international student" under the "Special Instructions" window


From the airport: For the first 2 passengers (whether there is 1 or 2) the cost is $26.00, and each additional passenger after the first 2 is $5.00 more. For example 3 passengers $31.00 (or $10.35 per person) 4 passengers is $36.00 (or $9.00 per person) all passengers must be going to VIU to get this deal.

Departure Bay ferry: (students must book in advance) The cost from the Ferry to the University is $15.00 for the first passenger and $5.00 per person after that.

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RockVIU: Welcome to Campus is an opportunity for new students to explore the campus, meet their faculty, and make new connections with their peers. This year's orientation will consist of a full week of Virtual events aimed to explore the theme of Connect, Engage, Discover.

This year, we are very excited to announce the official launch of
VIU's new Co-Curricular Involvement app for RockVIU.


Alternatively you can log on to the desktop version of the application here. To do so, please watch the video instructions below and see the PDF instructions attached.

To find out more click here

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The term smooth sailing refers to navigating through a task with ease, like a boat travelling on calm waters.  As a campus situated on the West Coast of Canada, our proximity to the ocean inspires us as we support students who are transitioning to this new environment, culture and academic landscape for the first time.  Our goal is that this day of welcome for international students will provide the tools to have a successful first year at Vancouver Island University (VIU) and beyond.

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