VIU Intercultural Hip Hop Forum

Exploring identity, culture and community through hip hop

Featuring: workshops, performances and a panel discussion


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2018 Artist Bios

 raul espinoza

Raul Espinoza (DJ Su Comandante) is a Salvadoran-born Vancouver DJ and youth facilitator. He works with several hip hop education organizations including Surrey Urban Youth Project, Hip Hop Hope and the Metaphor Project to name a few.


 Meryem Saci

Meryem Saci is a singer, songwriter and MC with a vocal range that fuses R&B, Hip Hop, soul/jazz, reggae and Afro-Arabian rhythms. Born and raised in Algeria, the two were forced to escape the civil war and immigrated to Canada as political refugees.  Meryem is a member of the Montreal-based soul-jazz-hip hop super group Nomadic Massive.



 The Northwest Kid

The Northwest Kid (Craig Frank Edes), from Gitxsan Nation in northern BC,is one half of the group Mob Bounce. He delivers passionate and soulful hip hop music that blends acoustics and electronics with elements of his Indigenous cultures. Since 2015, Mob Bounce has focused heavily on creating social and environmental awareness through the arts by leading workshops and youth dances to help youth explore their cultural identity.


  Dr. Oop

Dr. Oop is a veteran emcee and youth educator from the Los Angeles underground hip hop scene. He is best known for his dynamic MC-ing, freestyle skills, and thoughtful lyrics. Dr. Oop is no stranger to BC as he has toured here every summer for the past decade, has appeared numerous times at Shambhala Music Festival and is the main man behind The Red Gold & Green Machine, a hip hop-soul-reggae project together with Vancouver’s own Tonye Aganaba.



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