Addressing Problems & Moves

Addressing problems and challenges in homestay. 

Problems, challenges, and issues are a common occurrence when living with new people. Often it takes time to fully understand each other. Regular communication helps to prevent these things from happening, though miscommunication can still happen even when we are try our best.



Canadians are generally direct and speak openly when they have a problem. Try to do the same, honestly and in a respectful manner. For most Canadians, HONESTY = RESPECT.    

If you are not sure what to do, please contact the VIU Homestay Program and we will be more than happy to help!


Both the host family and the student must give each other 30 days' notice in writing (use the Moving Notification Form), whether the student wants to move or the host wishes the student to move.

If you are a VIU Homestay student and you wish to live with a new Homestay host, please come and speak with someone in the Homestay office.

You can pick up a yellow Moving Notification form from the main reception desk in building 255, International Education or downloaded from here: Moving Notification Form.pdf

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