VIU Homestay Program COVID-19 Resources

The VIU Homestay Program is currently accepting applications from students who are interested in living with a VIU homestay and are planning to travel to Nanaimo for the fall semester. In addition, the program is continuing to support students who have previously started a homestay contract to live with a VIU homestay.

The VIU Homestay Program has created supplemental documents and processes to address COVID-19. This list of documents will be updated with additional information as our homestay program procedures are updated to promote VIU Homestay Program participant health and safety.

This document outlines the level of service that the VIU Homestay Program will be able to provide in each different phase of BC's Restart Plan. Current hosts and students are expected to review and be familiar with this document for the duration of the hosting contract to which they are current committed. Prospective homestay students are expected to review this document prior to applying to the program and to abide by the expectations for the current phase of the BC Restart Plan once their homestay contract has begun.

VIU Homestay Program Service Addendum for Students and Hosts

Last updated: August 26, 2020

In order to provide the best service to students, the VIU Homestay Program is requesting additional information from students at the time of application. Students are required to complete this document and submit it with their Student Profile. Applications will not be considered compete if this document is not submitted along with the other application documents.

VIU Homestay Application Supplemental Document

Under the Quarantine Act, travellers to Canada are required to self-isolate for 14 days. The VIU Residence will be offering spaces for students to complete the quarantine period. The 14-day quarantine must be completed at VIU residence if students are planning on living in VIU Residence or in the VIU Homestay Program.  Students need to apply to submit their Quarantine (Self-Isolation) Request Form in consultation with the Residence or Homestay Office. Students planning to live in off-campus housing may be eligible to apply to quarantine on campus or through other means.

The cost of the program is between $50-$60 per night plus applicable taxes based on the needs. The cost of the quarantine period will be invoiced to the student through their student account and paid upon arrival.

VIU Self-Isolation Resource Guide & Request Form

VIU Quarantine (Self-Isolation) Request Form

Prior to a student's move into homestay, the student and host are required to complete a move-in declaration regarding their potential exposure to COVID-19. If either party responds 'yes' to any of the questions, please contact the VIU Homestay Program for advice prior to the student moving into the home.

The move-in declaration will be emailed to the student and homestay prior to the assigned move in date to be completed electronically.

VIU Homestay Move-In Declaration

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