Student Responsibilities in Homestay

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Student's responsibilities while living in VIU Homestay

As a student living in homestay, I understand and agree to:

1.     The Homestay/Peerstay office will administer payment of the monthly homestay fee to my host family on my behalf.

2.     The HS/PS coordinator or manager will select a host for me from those available, based on the information I have provided.  I understand that Vancouver Island University cannot guarantee that all my personal preferences will be met.

3.     Be responsible for all telephone expenses, including long distance charges and taxes.  If I choose to have my own landline in the home, I will pay the installation charge, and monthly rental and usage charges.  I will use a long distance telephone card if I use my host family's telephone.  I will ask permission to make long distance calls on my host family's phone before I use it.  Mobile phone purchases and contracts are my sole responsibility.

4.     I will not engage in, nor sign any contracts with my host that would incur any financial obligation or responsibility for either party.  For example:  bank account, mobile phone, rentals, or purchases of any kind.

5.     Become familiar with and understand the routines of my homestay family, and follow those routines.

6.     Discuss with my hosts any of my special requirements, preferences and interests, so they can understand what I will need to feel comfortable.

7.     Always tell my hosts if I will be away overnight in Nanaimo, and leave a telephone number where I can be contacted.

8.     As a The High School student at VIU, I will always have written permission from my Canadian legal guardian, my host family and my natural parents to stay away from the homestay home overnight, outside of Nanaimo.

9.     Always tell my hosts if I will not be home for the evening meal, or if I will be arriving home late in the evening.

10.  Ask my hosts' permission before inviting guests to the home.

11.  Purchase my own toiletries and personal items.

12.  Clean my own room and change the bed sheets.  Clean the bathroom after I use it.  Help my hosts clean the dishes after the evening meal.  Be prepared to do my own laundry, make my own breakfast and lunch, and assist in household duties as other family members do.

13.  Arrange for personal insurance for my possessions.  Neither Vancouver Island University nor the hosts will be responsible for the replacement of my possession that are lost or damaged.

14.  In cases where I have a problem with my host family, the HS/PS coordinator or manager will help me talk to my hosts about the problem.  Because Canadian customs are different from customs in my country, my hosts may not know that I am feeling uncomfortable.  Problems can be solved only if the hosts know about them.

15.  Where it is not possible to resolve a problem, the HS/PS coordinator or manager will agree to move me as soon as possible.  The HS/PS coordinator or manager will determine the payment owed.

16.  Consult the HS/PS coordinator or manager before I make a decision to move from Homestay.

17.  Give a minimum of 30 days' notice, in writing with a Moving Notification form before moving from Homestay.  Notice can be given on any day of the month.

Example: A student, who completes a Moving Notification form with her host family on May 23, is responsible for homestay fees until June 21 (30 days later).

18.  After I have given my homestay family 30 days' notice, I agree to pay homestay fees for the following 30 days, regardless of whether I stay in the homestay for the full 30 days, or not.

19.  Lack of 30 days' notice will mean less than a full return of my Homestay deposit.

20.  The refundable Homestay deposit may not be returned in full, if (but not limited to):  I have not given 30 days' notice in writing (Moving Notification form), or there are cleaning costs or damages in the home as a result of my conduct.  Other outstanding bills or monies owing to the host may also be deducted from my homestay deposit and may delay my deposit refund.

21.  Homestay deposits must be requested in writing (Moving Notification form) no longer than 36 months after the last day of registered classes at the High School or Vancouver Island University.

22.  In the event there is a concern for risk of safety to me or others, VIU HS/PS staff may share information with Western Student Housing Ltd (on campus housing VIU) or with another VIU host family, in order to place me in an appropriate accommodation.  This is in accordance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy guidelines.

23.  Conduct myself with appropriate behavior in Homestay.  Inappropriate behaviors in Homestay include, but are not limited to the use or possession of illegal drugs or paraphernalia, sexual relations, intoxication, theft, racism, willful property damage, inappropriate internet usage.  Such conduct is prohibited and grounds for immediate removal from the Homestay/Peerstay Program.

Refer to the Vancouver Island University, Student Code of Conduct website.

24.  Students who are no longer attending classes are not eligible to live in a VIU homestay or peerstay.  Students deemed inappropriate to attend classes (expelled or withdrawn for lack of attendance), must move out of the HS/PS home within an appropriate amount of time, to be determined by the Homestay coordinator or manager (usually 24-72 hours but dependent on circumstances).  Students are responsible to pay the balance of the 30 day notice to their host family in cases where the student conduct is the reason for the removal from the High School/VIU classes or expulsion from the High School/VIU.

The above-noted is taken directly from the High School Student Profile Letter of Agreement.


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